Developing A Positive Mental Attitude In The 21st Century

Written by Ian Bruce

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#3 – Talk Yourself Up The third thing you can do to developrepparttar necessary positive mental attitude is ‘talk yourself up’ with positive affirmations. All too often our internal dialogue expresses a constant stream of self-doubts, false limitations and negative commentaries which can all prevent us from achieving are true potential. Positive affirmations, when used regularly, allow us to gently ‘re-programme’ this internal chatter so that it begins to encourage and support our efforts instead of trying to sabotage them.

The best way to use affirmations is to start by sitting down and identifying any negative or disempowering self-talk which currently runs through your mind on a regular basis. Here are a few very common negative affirmations which you might look out for, but bear in mind that this list is by no means exhaustive:

•I am too old / young / thin / fat / tall short. •Life is hard. •Change is difficult. •I am stupid / ugly / incapable / slow. •No one likes me. •Problems are insurmountable. •I can’t! •I am a poor student / wife / husband / lover / businessman.

When you are convinced that you have identified allrepparttar 137956 disempowering beliefs you currently hold about yourself andrepparttar 137957 world, replace them with new empowering affirmations, such as:

•I am growing as a person. •Life is a breeze. •Change is easy if I am committed to changing. •I am intelligent / industrious / creative. •Everyone likes me. •Problems are opportunities in disguise. •Life is an Adventure and a Game. •I am a great student / wife / husband / lover / businessman.

Write your new positive affirmations down on a few index cards which you can carry around in your pocket and read them aloud to yourself three times each day. If possible, stand in front of a mirror to do this and speak each affirmation with as much conviction as you can muster. You might feel a little embarrassed doing this at first, but after a week or two it will become more natural, and after 21 days or so you will find that your mental attitude has improved quite noticeably.

#4 – Expect Success A final tip for developing a strong positive mental attitude is to expect success. Each morning when you get out of bed, tell yourself that something wonderful is going to happen duringrepparttar 137958 day, then continue with your normal routine with an expectant attitude.

This technique is incredibly simple, but very powerful. As you go through each day expecting success to show up, you will begin to think, speak and act a little differently. The changes in your attitude will be subtle at first, but before long you will find that you have actually become one of those positive, optimistic people that tend do so well in life. Even better, you will find thatrepparttar 137959 more you expect success,repparttar 137960 more it tends to show up. I can’t pretend to know how or why this happens, but it does, so start expecting success from this moment on.

By applyingrepparttar 137961 four principles I have just described, you will automatically begin to create a positive mental attitude for yourself. Whilst a positive attitude alone won’t make all your dreams come true, it will serve as a strong foundation on which you can buildrepparttar 137962 kind of life you have always wanted to have.

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Simple ways to keep that spark in your relationship

Written by Johann Erickson

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You can even re-arrangerepparttar furniture in your bedroom to give it a more alluring effect. Ask a neighbor or family member to watchrepparttar 137955 kids for an evening and when your spouse walks in have a trail of roses or chocolates leading them to a bubble bath. Have candles lit inrepparttar 137956 bathroom and give them a gentle massage while they are bathing. Then lead them intorepparttar 137957 re-arrange bedroom where you have prepared a small nice dinner onrepparttar 137958 floor, picnic style. Use candles inrepparttar 137959 bedroom as well. This will bring some romance back into your life and also some much needed relaxation. Soft music playing inrepparttar 137960 background is another added touch.

Use your imagination; you know what kinds of things your partner likes, or use to like beforerepparttar 137961 kids,repparttar 137962 bills andrepparttar 137963 stress at work. Plan activities that you both use to enjoy and enjoy them again. Nothing is as important asrepparttar 137964 love that you have for one another. Do not let anything come between what you have ahead of you with this person that you dearly love. Remember why you choose this person and work from there. Find out why you are in a rut or what has changed. Talk all of these items over with one another. You can have romance back, it may take time, but they are worth it.

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