Determine Your Needs Before Choosing A Hosting Service

Written by Nancy Casseur

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1.Countrepparttar number of pages in your web site and add a buffer for future expansion. 2.Determinerepparttar 147571 average number of characters per page notrepparttar 147572 number of words. The number of characters includes everything, letters, spaces, and, punctuation. Most word processing programs such as MS Word will countrepparttar 147573 number of characters for you. 3.Multiplyrepparttar 147574 average number of characters timesrepparttar 147575 number of pages in step 1. 4.Now: one character = 1 Byte, and 8 Bytes = 1 bit, so dividerepparttar 147576 total number of characters determined in step 3 by 8. This gives yourepparttar 147577 total number of bits. 5.1000 bits = 1 KB; 1000 KB = 1 MB, and 1000 MB = 1 GB. Note: Forrepparttar 147578 technical minded 1 GB actually equals 1024 MB, but there is really no necessity to get that picky in this case. 6.Dividerepparttar 147579 total number of bits by 1,000,000 and your answer will berepparttar 147580 number of MB of disk space you need to rent fromrepparttar 147581 hosting service.

Determiningrepparttar 147582 amount of transfer space you will require is largely an approximation based onrepparttar 147583 number of visitors you expect per day. Most ofrepparttar 147584 better hosting services provide you with about 3 GB, which is ample forrepparttar 147585 average web site. If you expect more than a thousand visitors a day, you will, of course, need more transfer space.

The top ten hosting companies are listed conveniently at along with their rankings, disk space offered, bandwidth (transfer space), and reviews.

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Is your web site hosting cost effective?

Written by Paras Shah

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A good tip would be to ask your friends and colleagues if they want to host their websites with you on one account. For example at a person or persons with 4 websites can save roughly $20 per month by signing up an M6-2, multiple hosting account.

Databases and Scripting Support Ensure that allrepparttar applications your web site uses (FrontPage, ASP pages, databases, cgi, PHP, etc.), are supported withinrepparttar 147091 chosen account type. Find out if there are any extra fees for particular applications or associated database support. For example allot of hosts charge extra set-up fees to install FrontPage, which may be avoided by choosing another host offeringrepparttar 147092 same features with no extra costs.

Mail Server Emails arerepparttar 147093 lifeblood of your online business. Ensure that you get a sufficient number of email addresses with your own domain name (preferably unlimited); these are necessary for other email features like forwarders, and auto responders, etc. There is no need to pay an extra fee for use of a mail server as many hosts offer this service now for free, withinrepparttar 147094 hosting plan.

Avoid Long Term Contracts Many web hosts offer huge discounts on yearly or half yearly payments in advance, this may appear a good way to go, but note how long you are locked in. If possible avoid long-term contracts until you are sure aboutrepparttar 147095 services and reliability offered by that particular host. Paying on a monthly basis obviously has its benefits. If there are concerns with your service encouraging you to seek a new host elsewhere, you may lose out on many months of hosting fees when breaking a yearly or half-yearly contract; but, ifrepparttar 147096 necessity arises, a loss of only a few days to close a troublesome account, is preferable.

Thinking ahead with reference to an established plan of action will help you avoid most surprises, and definitely help towards cutting costs, short term or long-term. Work out your growth rate and project future expansions. Keep a good record of past and present bandwidth and web space usage; this will help to project future needs.

Savings are mostly a matter of common sense, but in this industry of high technology most people forget this rule and try to look forrepparttar 147097 best, most efficient and most expensive technical programs and software to save them a buck or two. As in most businesses good cost effective groundwork isrepparttar 147098 best start to cutting costs.

Paras Shah Chief Technology Officer VIP PowerNet, Inc. Houston, TX. USA.

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