Detect, Protect, Dis-infect

Written by Robert Rogers

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Protection Firewalls block hackersí access to your computer by creating a barrier ó like a wall ó between your ports andrepparttar Internet that allows you to controlrepparttar 105892 data that comes and goes through your ports. Your firewall protects your ports even if you donít have an IDS. Sometimes a firewall is bundled with an IDS. If not, and if you want an IDS, be sure itís compatible with your firewall.

Dis-infection Anti-virus software detects and deletes viruses that are in your computer. Viruses often attach themselves to your computer through email attachments and floppy disks. That means a firewall canít catch them. Similarly, an IDS wonít alert you when a virus is attacking your computer. Look for anti-virus software that recognizes current viruses, as well as older ones; that can effectively reverserepparttar 105893 damage; and that updates automatically.

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CAN-SPAM Rules for Internet Marketers

Written by John Calder

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If you send mail from one ofrepparttar online mailing services, chances are they've already asked you to make necessary changes to comply withrepparttar 105891 act. But if you run your own autoresponder, have you remembered to add your physical mailing address so that it will be placed on every email you send out? Have you added it to any one-time messages that you may send fromrepparttar 105892 autoresponder accounts that may be included in your hosting account? Have you added it to any scripts that you have that generate email?

If you receive any opt-out requests, you must stop sending email torepparttar 105893 requesting account within 10 business days. Again, for marketers using autoresponder software, that usually happens immediately, so no worries there. You may also not sell or lease email addresses of those who opt-out of your mailings without their consent.

Certain email is exempted fromrepparttar 105894 CAN-SPAM regulations. For example, email that is transactional in nature, or that is a "relationship" message, may not be covered. This would include, for example, sales receipts, announcements of product bug patches, change of membership login information, etc. Still, to be safe, it may be best to make sure all of your email communication is compliant. CAN-SPAM is vague aboutrepparttar 105895 rules as they apply to existing and inactive business relationships, and when such relationships end.

Now that you're aware ofrepparttar 105896 act's requirements, you'll want to review every email you send, from every site you own, to comply withrepparttar 105897 act and avoidrepparttar 105898 severe civil and criminal penalties for non-compliance. This article isn't intended to be legal advice - see a professional for that.

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