Desktop Security Software Risks - Part 2

Written by Tim Klemmer

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Updates Havingrepparttar software on your desktop means you are responsible for maintaining that software. Inrepparttar 133403 case of office productivity software or image editing software, if new versions come out with features youíre not interested in, you donít update. With new viruses appearing onrepparttar 133404 landscape every day, you canít afford not to continually update your software. If you donít update for a month or two, you run severe risks of infection. You also will incur potential long update cycles as your software has to be upgraded to handle allrepparttar 133405 new threats. This makesrepparttar 133406 desktop these days a somewhat ineffective solution. Nearly two-thirds of allrepparttar 133407 PCs that have anti-virus protection installed do not update their definitions regularly. These PCs might as well uninstallrepparttar 133408 software for allrepparttar 133409 good itís doing them. Lost Time As mentioned inrepparttar 133410 above discussion, you can lose considerable time if you donít update regularly. Long intervals between updates can translate into long update cycles. If you have a slow connection to a vendor, your down time is much longer as you have to wait forrepparttar 133411 files to be downloaded and then you have to wait for your software to update itself. Solution The better solution is to move to a centralized solution in which allrepparttar 133412 software, allrepparttar 133413 updates arerepparttar 133414 responsibility ofrepparttar 133415 service provider. You pay forrepparttar 133416 service of having your email cleaned before you receive it. When email arrives at your service providerís mailbox, it is checked for malicious tendencies and stripped if bad. You notice no long waiting, no downtime, no drag, no incompatibilities.

Tim Klemmer CEO, OnceRed LLC Tim Klemmer has spent the better part of 12 years designing and perfecting the first patented behavior-based solution to malicious software.

Technology Sucks - Did you have a nice day?

Written by Birmingham UK Com

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It kind of happened in slow motion. The secretary in a rush running downrepparttar corridor towards me,carrying some goodies forrepparttar 133402 forthcoming meeting. About 3 metres away what does she do? She trips. You know when your in an accident and things happen in slow motion.... Well,repparttar 133403 jam and cream cake catches my right shoulder,repparttar 133404 coffee literally goes all overrepparttar 133405 walls and showers me onrepparttar 133406 rebound. I catch a jam donut in my groin beforerepparttar 133407 secretary careers into me and bowls me over. I hear a loud ripping noise as I hitrepparttar 133408 ground with her sprawled on top of me. When I look up there are two people staring down on us. One is my boss.

I get cleaned up and finally arrive atrepparttar 133409 meeting. As I walk to my place two ofrepparttar 133410 women present giggle just as I feelrepparttar 133411 wind up my ass. Yeah. I've ripped my pants inrepparttar 133412 fall.

The rest ofrepparttar 133413 day is equally as much of a bummer. The Sony projector packs up,repparttar 133414 presentation ends early. It is raining cats and dogs when I leaverepparttar 133415 office and I get soaked. When I arrive home my wife says 'How was your day?'

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