Redefining Hospitality Industry And Business Travel In India

Written by Amit

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Business travelers prefer to put up at 5 star hotels in India. These hotels helprepparttar tourists on business by providing then with cars. There is alsorepparttar 139476 option of booking a car online by clicking on Second Generation of economic reforms has ushered in rapid industrialization and economic growth. It has also heralded a new type of tourist. The hotels have takenrepparttar 139477 change of guest profile in stride very quickly. Today there are hundreds of luxury hotels in India to take care ofrepparttar 139478 people who came from all overrepparttar 139479 world for business.


Holiday in South Africa

Written by Dirk Wessels

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Your next move will depend on how much you likerepparttar outdoors compared to cities. Port Elizabeth is a fairly small city by most standards and it’s around 80 Kms from Oyster Bay, so most places you’d want to visit inrepparttar 139327 area can be reached from both locations. Whichever way, make sure you visitrepparttar 139328 Addo Elephant park and Shamwari game reserve for a bit of a safari andrepparttar 139329 big five.

From Port Elizabeth, I would fly up to Jo’burg and head out ofrepparttar 139330 country, or if your time/budget allows, jump on a plane to Durban and work your way up to Jo’burg. As much as I loved Durban many years ago, I personally would not spend any more time there. Do your own research about Durban. Beautiful beaches, hot waters and hot weather almost all year long, but… I would rather go up north for some scuba diving in Sodwana. Enough on that, from Durban I would rent a car and travel up to Jo’burg, with a 3-5 day stop inrepparttar 139331 Drakensberg.

I spent a couple of days inrepparttar 139332 Drakensberg with a friend once and onrepparttar 139333 first morning I went for a walk before sunrise. When I got back torepparttar 139334 camp a couple of hours later, my friend had woken up and was standing atrepparttar 139335 side ofrepparttar 139336 tent and waved for me to be quiet. He was busy taking photographs of a couple of guinifowl and was amazed that we were so close to “nature”. I was amazed that he would be impressed by something so small. During my first walk I had sat onrepparttar 139337 top of a little hill to watchrepparttar 139338 sunrise and had a deer walking around a couple of meters from me. I had also watched a falcon gracefully flying around betweenrepparttar 139339 hills, seen quite a few rabbits and “dassies” (don’t know their English name) and monkeys and I had had a swim in a natural pool below a fair-sized waterfall. If you like waterfalls and little mountain streams,repparttar 139340 Drakensberg is a must!! The world’s second highest waterfall can be found inrepparttar 139341 Drakensberg The Drakensberg is about halfway between Johannesburg and Durban. Very roughly, it’s about 350KMs in either direction.

This is just one possible trip if you’re coming to visit South Africa. As I mentioned, there are many other beautiful and interesting places to visit in our country. If your main objective is a safari and seeingrepparttar 139342 big five, then look intorepparttar 139343 Kruger National Park and surrounding game reserves. If you want to go scuba diving there is absolutely NO choice, go to Sodwana bay.

Dirk Wessels is a keen traveller and outdoor enthusiast and is also the web designer for Oyster Bay Lodge. You may freely use this article on condition that you keep an active link to African holiday desitination

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