Desire, Lack & Sensuality in Business/Lifestyle

Written by Susan James

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We need this thing, it's what we think about. We have emotion around it. In lack we also have emotion, but we have a broken bat. In need we haverepparttar "Louisville slugger",repparttar 101920 fit is perfect, we are ready. "Now where is it? Just give it to me. Let me swing at it, come on I want this thing, now bring it to me!"

The question arises, how far to go with ‘need' and at what point do we "detach" and not really care aboutrepparttar 101921 outcome so that we don't hold tension around it keeping it from flowing to us?

We buildrepparttar 101922 field with need and desire. Just like we would build a baseball field in our back yard. We have structured it, and planted it, and there it is outside our back door. We go about our lives,repparttar 101923 field is still there, it did not disappear.

We have done our energy work through emotion, desire and need. It is built. Our job is done. It's no longer our job ! We've done our part. Time to let go!

The sensuality part, is just as it is with affection and all levels of it. Affection, a form of desire, isrepparttar 101924 enjoyment stage of something. It's an appreciation of something as we apply affection. What difference does appreciating something make?

Appreciation isrepparttar 101925 most powerful emotion inrepparttar 101926 Universe. We can get so involved inrepparttar 101927 enjoyment stage that we become "it", and it has no choice, as inrepparttar 101928 various physical expressions of sensuality, but to express itself fully. Our manifestation has to show!

Quite often we "think" we need to constantly "focus" for something to come to us. However,repparttar 101929 Reality is, we only need to focus, long enough to buildrepparttar 101930 field. Build which field? The electromagnetic field,repparttar 101931 one that carries our desire on that invisible field. The term that has become cliche' is *Imagination*.

Once we build it, "they will come". How do I know? It's how I run my life and business.

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Don't Look for Your Soul Mate

Written by Rinatta Paries

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Then, once you find him or her, follow five suggestions below to build a relationship:

1. Don't melt intorepparttar other person, but instead be strongly yourself.

The more you are yourself,repparttar 101919 stronger your bond withrepparttar 101920 other person has a chance of becoming. That is if each of you -- being yourselves -- enjoys being withrepparttar 101921 other.

2. Don't try to be nice and don't give just to be loved or liked. Just be.

In a long-term relationship, one that hopefully will last forrepparttar 101922 rest of your life, you want to just be and have that be enough, have that be appreciated. So just be inrepparttar 101923 beginning -- it will either be good enough, maybe even extraordinary, or not.

3. Don't rely on each other too much.

Don't need each other to fix life, emotional or financial problems. Emotions and loyalties get confused when new partners try to save each other. Keeprepparttar 101924 relationship clean and be together because you want to, not because you need to.

4. Slow way down.

Takerepparttar 101925 relationship very slow. Savor each milestone:repparttar 101926 first time you hold hands,repparttar 101927 first kiss,repparttar 101928 first afternoon spent together. Don't rush in search ofrepparttar 101929 holy grail of "relationships." If you end up together, these "firsts" will only happen once. If you don't end up together, you are more likely to endrepparttar 101930 relationship sooner and more cleanly if you have not rushed in headfirst.

5. Build a friendship.

Building a good friendship takes time, effort, risk, communication, compassion, honesty. Do it - it is this friendship that will serve as a foundation of your relationship.

Now doesn't this sound better thanrepparttar 101931 cycle of finding love and then losing it again?

Your Relationship Coach, Rinatta Paries

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