Designing for a Non-English Audience

Written by Felicia Bratu

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•Provide allrepparttar source files and fonts used for creatingrepparttar 143276 document. If you used layers with text and images to create art effects, make sure thatrepparttar 143277 foreign typesetter receives all necessary source files, and not onlyrepparttar 143278 ones exported after mergingrepparttar 143279 layers. Provide allrepparttar 143280 graphs and charts in an Illustrator format.

•Don't forget about cross-platform conversion issues. Use OpenType fonts as much as possible. Most PC fonts do not match Mac fonts. For some languages, it will be easier to find a typesetter who is using a PC to do their work. Also, nearly all ofrepparttar 143281 translators will be using PC fonts, andrepparttar 143282 fonts they use may not be available in certain combinations of applications and platforms.

•If you decide to dorepparttar 143283 typesetting on your own, try to arrange a proofreader to check on punctuation, line breaking, and to verify thatrepparttar 143284 text is placed in its proper places, etc.

•Use a minimum number of columns. In some languages such as German, words may be twice as long as English. Ifrepparttar 143285 columns are too narrow, you may end up with lines that only have one word or many hyphens. Documents formatted that way just aren't as professional looking as they may otherwise be.

•Pictures with callouts may look great in English, but they often need to be readjusted after translation text expansion. Leave enough space for expansion, or use key letters with a legend.

•If your computer is set up to use special colour profiles-collect them along with your pictures and fonts. Save your source files to a lower version; it's possible thatrepparttar 143286 foreign typesetter does not haverepparttar 143287 same version software.

•If you use special techniques, make sure thatrepparttar 143288 foreign typesetter hasrepparttar 143289 necessary tools and knowledge to managerepparttar 143290 project without losingrepparttar 143291 quality orrepparttar 143292 message.

•Pay attention to cultural issues. If your document is to be translated into a language spoken in an equatorial or tropical country, try not to use pictures with Eskimos. This will work only inrepparttar 143293 case that your document is actually about Eskimos. Be careful when choosing colours. In some traditional cultures,repparttar 143294 meaning associated with colours is very important. Red isrepparttar 143295 colour of love and Christmas in Western culture, but it's alsorepparttar 143296 colour of Communism in East European countries, andrepparttar 143297 colour of mourning in South Africa. Green isrepparttar 143298 traditional colour of Islam, but in Western culture, it isrepparttar 143299 colour for money and ecology.

Felicia Bratu is a foreign language typesetting with WTB Language Group Inc. WTB is a professional translation service ( that provides technical translations in over 140 languages.

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