Designing and deploying human centric processes

Written by Lucas Rodríguez Cervera

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How. The way in whichrepparttar task must be performed must be clearly known and made explicit (documented) withrepparttar 148163 necessary level of detail. It is important that this set of descriptions and instructions are easy to update, so best practices and lessons learned can be incorporated and widely employed.

When. Which activities precede and followrepparttar 148164 task.

Whererepparttar 148165 activity is carried out.

The importance of efficiently deploying a process is also Dependant onrepparttar 148166 number of persons that will be followingrepparttar 148167 procedure. The greaterrepparttar 148168 number is,repparttar 148169 more value that an efficient deployment provides. Think ofrepparttar 148170 claim processing department of an insurance company, people analyzing mortgage requests in a commercial bank or a big call center. These units normally have a great number of people executingrepparttar 148171 same process.

The objective is that people executingrepparttar 148172 process perform it as close as possible torepparttar 148173 new version ofrepparttar 148174 process, inrepparttar 148175 shortest possible period of time. These two variables are extremely important to generate value and to recoverrepparttar 148176 resources invested in reengineeringrepparttar 148177 process.

Some ofrepparttar 148178 practices that can contribute to this objective include makingrepparttar 148179 procedures easily available in a format that facilitates its look up, training, controlling, incentivating process compliance, etc...

But applying this techniques alone is not a synonym for success.

The real challenge is to get participant buy in. These is were social and cultural factors must be taken in to account, and change management, knowledge management, management of expectations, etc... come into play.

Experience has shown, especially with knowledge workers, that involving process participants in decisions that affect them, ensuring that they are well informed and making them feel that their opinion is being taken into account, is more effective than forcing them to followrepparttar 148180 new processes. Although there are some cases were strict discipline must be used to enforce compliance withrepparttar 148181 process, it is usually better to reward good attitudes than to punish non compliance.

Oncerepparttar 148182 process is being carried out followingrepparttar 148183 new process it is also very important to enable feedback torepparttar 148184 system. Process participants' opinions are extremely important to enhancerepparttar 148185 process and it is likely that they have some good ideas to improve it. For example, performing a specific task in a way that can be institutionalized as a best practice, incorporated torepparttar 148186 procedure and deployed to every participant inrepparttar 148187 process.

Lucas Rodríguez Cervera is founder of Nevant} Knowledge Process a company specialized in human-centric knowledge intensive business process technologies. They pioneered this concept with metoCube.

Market Makers play a significant role in Reverse Mergers.

Written by Joseph Quinones

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The broker dealer is not compensated by company for this service causingrepparttar broker to absorbrepparttar 148162 cost involved in time spent andrepparttar 148163 regular monthly charges byrepparttar 148164 OTC. Bulletin Board for being a market maker inrepparttar 148165 company’s stock.

The broker must stay on top ofrepparttar 148166 filing and answer all questions pertinent to filing as requested byrepparttar 148167 OTC Bulletin Board. After approvalrepparttar 148168 market maker must again file a request to publish a price forrepparttar 148169 securities ofrepparttar 148170 issuer.

For a short period of timerepparttar 148171 broker dealer will berepparttar 148172 sole market maker, being willing to buy and sellrepparttar 148173 stock for his own inventory, and assuming allrepparttar 148174 risk by himself but he also will be involved allrepparttar 148175 transactions that take place and stands to make allrepparttar 148176 profits as well.

After a period of time (usually 30 days) other market makers will be able to piggy back onrepparttar 148177 broker dealer who didrepparttar 148178 original filing and be able to publish a quotation. This provide more liquidity since a single market maker will not be responsible for all transactions.

Market Makers in Bulletin Board stocks must honor their bid and ask (bidrepparttar 148179 price they are willing to pay for stock, askrepparttar 148180 price they are willing to sell stock) price. Below is a limited chart ofrepparttar 148181 price and size mandated byrepparttar 148182

Price Minimum quote size 0-.50 5,000 0.51-1.00 2,500 1.01-10.00 500 10.01-100.00 200

The market maker role in assisting companies to go public is significant, he isrepparttar 148183 one who will be takingrepparttar 148184 risk and will reaprepparttar 148185 rewards depending on how wellrepparttar 148186 securities trade.

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Joseph D. Quinones, President of Genesis Corporate Advisors has spent over 25 years in the securities industry. In 1992 he founded JDQ Financial Group, Inc. and proceeded to build it up from a one man operation to the point where it employed many traders, advised numerous client and generate millions in revenues.

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