Designing a Good Lighting Plan

Written by Paul Forte

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If you run into a wall and need to ask questions about lighting try a Lighting Forum. There are some basic lighting principles that can help you along in this process. One is understanding that light in most fixtures has some type of pattern. For example a recessed light using a reflector type bulb distributes a pattern inrepparttar shape of a cone. When this pattern reachesrepparttar 100029 floor it is inrepparttar 100030 form of a circle. By slightly overlapping this circle of light it is possible to have a very even distribution of light throughoutrepparttar 100031 room.

Since most ofrepparttar 100032 members of a household walk upright andrepparttar 100033 ones who don't, probably won't lodge any complaints about lighting, a general rule in lighting a room is to designrepparttar 100034 plan on a work plane. This is an imaginary plane at about 30" offrepparttar 100035 floor. This helps to provide a nice even lighting for most tasks in any room. This is where understandingrepparttar 100036 pattern of light your fixture has is important. Most manufacturers have specs to show what these patterns are. For reflective bulbs you can get this info fromrepparttar 100037 bulb manufacturer.

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Whole House Water Filters

Written by Mandy Thomson

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Imaginerepparttar cost and hassle of installing a tap and shower filter in every water source in your home. A whole house water filter would more efficiently remove contaminants inrepparttar 100028 long run atrepparttar 100029 fraction ofrepparttar 100030 cost. The initial installation will require a plumber. However, further maintenance (such as replacing filter cartridges) can be done on your own. When choosing a water filter, check thatrepparttar 100031 product is officially certified. Compare different water filter systems to see how efffective they are at removing different contaminants. Make sure your whole house water filter does not removerepparttar 100032 healthful minerals withrepparttar 100033 contaminants. Removing important substances can cause mineral deficiencies inrepparttar 100034 long run. Also check that product comes with a warranty. (Usually this is free.)

The benefits of a whole house water filter far outweighrepparttar 100035 costs inrepparttar 100036 long run. A whole house water filter will give yourepparttar 100037 peace of mind of a household water supply free from potentially dangerous contaminants. Besides good tasting and clear water for your entire household, you will be contributing torepparttar 100038 long-term health of you and your family.

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