Designing Your Web Site to Maximize Traffic

Written by Brendon Turner

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Using Images For Primary Navigation Links

Many webmasters like to use fancy looking navigation links but, in doing so, they fail to establish a theme for their sites. For instance, using a graphical link back to your home page does not tellrepparttar search engine spiders what that link is about unlessrepparttar 144185 spider actually visits that page. If you use optimized ALT text on that graphical home page link, then that would be a step inrepparttar 144186 right direction. But to maximizerepparttar 144187 effect and clearly definerepparttar 144188 theme of your web site, you need to use a text link that has your primary keyword or phrase withinrepparttar 144189 link text. This is called Link Reputation.

Home, Site Map and Contact Page Links

The Home, Site Map and Contact pages are your site's primary pages and should be your SEO strategy top priority. It is essential that these pages be spidered and exposed to your site visitors. To ensure that they are spidered, place links to them nearrepparttar 144190 top of your source code on every page of your web site. Your home page is, of course,repparttar 144191 main entrance to your web site so you want that to berepparttar 144192 focal point inrepparttar 144193 search engines. Your site map page should (if properly optimized) have links to all of your sub pages and use primary keywords belonging to each sub page withinrepparttar 144194 link text pointing to those sub pages. Your contact page is just as important because it's used by visitors who have questions or who wish to order products and services.

Redirected Pages

When a web page has outlived its usefulness, webmasters will, on occasion, redirect visitors hitting that page to another page. Search engine spiders, however, take a dim view of page redirects. If you changerepparttar 144195 content of your site and find that you have no further use for a page, do not place a redirect on that page. Instead, removerepparttar 144196 outdated content and replace it with something relevant. Include a text link to your home page or to a new replacement page. When you remove a page or place a redirect on an outdated page, you're cheating yourself out of better rankings and search engine traffic. Moreover, using page redirects can result inrepparttar 144197 removal of your site listing in search engine databases with a consequent loss of revenue.

Excessively Small Type Font Sizes

Text in a font smaller than font size 2 is normally reserved for copyright information andrepparttar 144198 legal jargon often seen atrepparttar 144199 bottom of web pages. Use font size 2, or greater, forrepparttar 144200 majority of text on your page. Font size is a major factor in SEO strategy becauserepparttar 144201 font size used definesrepparttar 144202 relevancy a search engine spider assigns torepparttar 144203 content it finds on your page. An example of this would berepparttar 144204 text within heading tags (H1 through to H6). Text surrounded with H1 tags has a higher relevancy placed on it than text surrounded with H6 tags. Visitrepparttar 144205 website for a better understanding of how on-page text is viewed by search engine spiders with regard to importance and relevancy. Search engine spiders tend to followrepparttar 144206 W3 HTML standard.

Hidden Text, Door Way Pages and Other Tricks

Nowadays search engines are pretty smart and trying to trick them is not a wise course of action. Take some time to stop and examine your approach before proceeding with your SEO strategy. The rule of thumb is that if it looks like spam or could be perceived as spam byrepparttar 144207 search engines, then it probably is spam. The last thing you need is for a competitor to report unethical SEO tactics torepparttar 144208 search engines. Such tactics could result in a loss of existing site listings as well as a ban on future submissions. So, to ensurerepparttar 144209 longevity of your online business, stay away from any technique that looks unethical.

Using HTML Frames

In short, don't. Frames are not very search engine friendly because search engines cannot read a framed source document that tells your browser to load more than one page in your browser window atrepparttar 144210 same time. Thus, achieving a high PageRank on your home page is difficult. Frames also make it hard for search engine spiders to find all of your sub pages.

Non-Spider-Friendly URL's

Ifrepparttar 144211 URL's for your web site contain characters such as &, $, =, %, etc., that is they are dynamic in nature, then search engine spiders may not be able to read them. And, if they can't be read, thenrepparttar 144212 search engine spiders won't be able to follow them to index your pages. However, there are solutions available to fix this problem. For example, webmasters who have sites hosted on servers with Unix operating systems can use Apache mod_rewrite to rewrite URL's that contain a session ID, or other nasty characters, into search engine spider friendly URL's.

SEO, of course, is not just limited torepparttar 144213 13 areas covered in this article, but if you applyrepparttar 144214 SEO strategies outlined in these 13 areas to your web site, you will find that your site rankings and traffic improve dramatically.

Brendon Turner is a certified search engine optimization specialist with 8 years experience as a Senior SEO Consultant. Brendon also maintains, a progressive weekly edition of real-world online marketing business tactics that work!

More on Keywords

Written by S. Housley

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Qualifiers Use qualifiers to varyrepparttar meaning of a search phrase or keyword and bring additional results. Qualifiers usually are adjectives or adverbs that helps modify and limitrepparttar 144139 extent ofrepparttar 144140 meaning of a noun or pronoun, while an adverb helps modify a verb in a similar way.

Abbreviations & Acronyms Abbreviations and acronyms should be employed in a variety of forms. Extend abbreviations and acronyms to full word phrases to encompass as many possible combinations as possible.

Misspellings A significant number of searches conducted each day are misspelled. Include common misspellings inrepparttar 144141 meta tags of optimized pages to capture any traffic that is mistyped or misspelled.

Shake it Up Mix uprepparttar 144142 order of keywords in phrases to encompass a broad range keyword phrases. Keyword phrase word order variations can be a great source for new keyword phrases.

Hyphenate Consider hyphenating search terms, as this is likely an area competitors are unlikely to venture. The hyphenated term could score well in search engines.

Determining Keywords Additional Resource for Determining Keywords - .htm

Optimizing a site for a variety of keywords will give your siterepparttar 144143 advantage of being found by relevant searchers. The extra keywords could result in increased profits from customers who might not have otherwise located your web site.

About the Author: Sharon Housley manages marketing for FeedForAll software for creating, editing, publishing RSS feeds and podcasts. In addition Sharon manages marketing for NotePage a wireless text messaging software company.

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