Designing Your Home Office

Written by Rachel Goldstein

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Make sure that you choose a sturdy desk that you can keep for a long time. It is better to dish out a few more bucks now then to have to replace your desk in a year. Also, find a desk that is at a height that is comfortable for you.

If you don't have enough money to buy a new desk, try visitingrepparttar Salvation Army or a used furniture store to save money. You might also try building a desk from items you already have or need. You can use a door on top of filing cabinets, bookcases, milk crates, or another item.

2. Chair - You chair is one ofrepparttar 117416 most important items in your office. If you purchase a cheap chair, you could hurt yourself or hate working in your office. Choosing a good chair reduces fatigue and other pains that occur when posture is bad for long periods of time. Buy an adjustable chair (height, armrests, back angle, and lumbar support) so you can enjoy your office and avoid pain and injuries.

3. Bookshelf - How big your bookshelf needs to be depends on how much room you have left in your office after your workstation and chair are in place. My suggestion is to install your bookshelf right behind and above your desk. This way books are always at arms reach and you saved yourself a lot of room. Purchase as big of a bookshelf as you can. You will be surprised how fast it fills up.

4. Filing Cabinets - You will want to purchase at least a four-drawer filing cabinet. It is crucial that your filing system is organized and easily available

5. Telephone - It is important to get a telephone that has a hold and speaker button. It is a good idea to get a separate line forrepparttar 117417 telephone and fax / modem.

6. Computer - The computer will most often berepparttar 117418 most expensive piece of equipment you purchase for your office. Because ofrepparttar 117419 large amount of variables involved we have devoted a whole separate articles just on this topic. Briefly, however, here are a few suggestions. These are broad strokes, readrepparttar 117420 full article for specifics.

Your first decision is going to berepparttar 117421 operating system forrepparttar 117422 computer. Unless you have a reason to choose otherwise, you are going to be looking at a Mac or a Windows machine. If you have experience on one platform you should stick with it. When you are working on your own without any kind of system support you want to use a computer you are comfortable with. All things being equal, if you are a graphic designer or desktop publisher use a Mac, anything else get a PC.

The second decision is who to buyrepparttar 117423 machine from. Keywords here are reliable, reliable, reliable. If you are buying a Mac purchase straight from Apple. If you are buying a PC make your purchase from Dell. You may be tempted to buy from a no-name or even somewhere with a good reputation becauserepparttar 117424 price is mouth watering. It's your eyes that will be watering when your computer stops working at one A.M. with a looming deadline. You want good support; Dell is rated asrepparttar 117425 best over and over by allrepparttar 117426 publications that count.

Since we are onrepparttar 117427 topic of support . buyrepparttar 117428 service contract. If you are buying a Mac, that support is three years of "Applecare". If you don't buy straight from Apple your reseller may try to convince you their private support is as good, or even better. To keep it short, THEY ARE WRONG! I am yet to find third party support that beats Apple's. I have always found it to be worthrepparttar 117429 money. As for Dell, purchaserepparttar 117430 three years of onsite support. If you can afford to be without your computer for a few days you can save a bit by using their mail in service, but who can afford to lose those days.

Finally we are left withrepparttar 117431 computer's configuration. This was probably your first question, but for most of you it is probablyrepparttar 117432 least important. Forrepparttar 117433 most part computer power is far superior torepparttar 117434 software that can run on it right now. Since new systems are constantly brought torepparttar 117435 fore we can't give specific numbers. The best buy forrepparttar 117436 money is usually going to be a based onrepparttar 117437 company's mid-level offering. The cheapest way to increase power in your system is by adding RAM, make surerepparttar 117438 computer you purchase has at least 128 mb. If you are a designer that minimum is 256 mb.

I hope this article has helped you plan out and design your office. Once you have purchased all necessary items, move them on in and start your freelance business. Good Luck!

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Article submitted by - 1000s of freelance jobs, articles, and resources. Allfreelance is also host of creative portfolios. You have permission to copy this article ONLY if you include the following blurb: <===============================================> - 1000s of freelance jobs, articles, and resources. <===============================================>

Home Office Ergonomics

Written by Rachel Goldstein

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MOUSE - The use of a mouse causes injuries to many people. The mouse often causes twisting ofrepparttar hand into uncomfortable positions, which causes wrist injuries. Try to userepparttar 117415 mouse with a sweeping movement, instead of a quick, twisting motion. Use your mouse as little as possible, but if you find that you can't do this, consider purchasing a trackball instead. Trackballs are good because you can program a lock button so you don't have to click and drag.

KEYBOARD - Split-and-Tilt keyboards tend to be better for your health than flat keyboards that most people use. A good keyboard will not flatten your hands and bend your wrists.

LIGHTING - Good lighting in your home office is important to reduce eyestrain. Here are some lighting suggestions:

1. Make sure lighting isn't too bright. 2. Avoid white reflective furniture. 3. If you are using a desk lamp, choose a low wattage light bulb. Direct light toward papers, not eyes. 4. Use blinds or drapes to eliminate outdoors light. 5. Avoid bright lighting on your monitor.

MONITOR - It is important to positionrepparttar 117416 monitor correctly to ensure your good health.

1. Position monitor to minimize glare. 2. Adjust monitor so thatrepparttar 117417 screen is slightly below eye level. 3. Clean screen on a regular basis. 4. Position yourself about 20"-24" away fromrepparttar 117418 monitor. 5. Center your monitor onrepparttar 117419 user. 6. Keep your head at a comfortable level.

GOOD POSTURE - Ergonomic equipment will do nothing for you if you don't assume correct posture. Make sure ofrepparttar 117420 following:

1. Relax shoulders 2. Wrists straight 3. Back in contact with lumbar support of your chair 4. Legs in contact with your seat 5. Feet onrepparttar 117421 floor 6. Elbows at a right angle when typing 7. Upper arm and elbow close to body 8. Head and neck straight

Now that you know your ergonomic basics, use this knowledge to your advantage. Position yourself and your equipment correctly to ensure a quality-working environment. Healthy working to you!

Article submitted by - 1000s of freelance jobs, articles, and resources.

Article submitted by - 1000s of freelance jobs, articles, and resources. Allfreelance is also host of creative portfolios. You have permission to copy this article ONLY if you include the following blurb: <===============================================> - 1000s of freelance jobs, articles, and resources. <===============================================>

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