Designing Your Ebook Sales Page

Written by Shelley Lowery

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Display your headline in a large, bold font that demands your potential customer's attention and intrigues them to read on.

In order to keep their attention, use subheadings (headlines) throughout your sales letter. Subheadings should provide highlights of each section and capturerepparttar attention of those who just scan your text. Display your subheading in a large, bold font.

When you begin writing your sales copy, write as if you were talking with just one person. Write your copy with passion and excitement and tell that one person exactly what your ebook will do for them. Write your words so that they seamlessly flow together from your beginning headline through to your order page.


In addition to using a killer headline and sales copy, you must also include some powerful testimonials. Make sure you don't create a separate page for your testimonials, as they most likely won't be read. Place your testimonials throughout your sales letter to ensure their visibility.

Free Bonuses

Another powerful tactic used to increase sales is to include free bonuses withrepparttar 108489 purchase of your ebook. Many times, you'll find that a customer will purchase your product just forrepparttar 108490 bonuses.

If you're in need of some great bonuses you can offer with your ebook, visitrepparttar 108491 following web address:


Completely remove your potential customer's risk by including a money back guarantee. If they're not completely satisfied with your product, for any reason, you'll refund their money. Internet users are apprehensive when it comes to making purchases onrepparttar 108492 Internet. You must put their mind at ease by building their confidence in you and your products.


The final part of your sales letter should include a PostScript. When your visitor scans your sales message, chances are, they'll read your headline, subheadings and your PostScript message. Place your most important benefits within your P.S. message. It will get read.

Take your time and develop your sales page to its fullest potential. It is an essential part of your success. You may have a great ebook, however, if your sales copy is poor, your sales will be minimal. A great sales page sells.

Shelley Lowery is the author of Ebook Starter. A complete ebook design kit that takes you step by step through designing, creating and marketing your own ebook. Give your ebook a professional look in just a few simple steps with over 100 ebook interface and cover templates.

Developing Your Marketing Strategy

Written by Shelley Lowery

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For further information, readrepparttar article entitled, "Write For Publicity."

By creating and implementing a balanced marketing strategy, using both short-term and long-term strategies, you will increase your sales considerably.

To further increase your sales, list your ebook at various ebook sites.

Listing your ebook with a number of ebook sites will increase your sales considerably. Each site will pay you a specified percentage for each sale. This payment is known as a royalty. The royalties paid will vary at each site and will depend on your selling price and format.

No matter which ebook sites you choose make sure that you retain all of repparttar 108488 rights to your ebook. This will enable you to sell your ebook wherever you'd like and not be limited to just one site.

Here are a few ebook sites to get you started:


InfoPost will enable you to upload your ebook to their site, set your selling price, and provide a description of your ebook. They take care of repparttar 108489 rest. They'll host and deliver your ebook and process your payments. They pay 80% royalties and you can withdraw your earnings in cash, use it for merchandise at their sites, or even donate it to your favorite charity. You retain all rights to your ebook.

Booklocker provides you with a web page for you to refer your customers. They handle all ofrepparttar 108490 transactions and delivery. They pay 70% royalties on ebooks priced at $8.95 and higher and 50% royalties on ebooks priced lower than $8.95. You retain allrepparttar 108491 rights to your ebook. In addition, they offer of great print on demand option. They'll print your ebooks one at a time, accept payment and ship your book directly to your customer (usually within 48 hours). They pay 35% royalties on POD orders.

1st Books Library

1st Books Library is an online publishing company that will turn your manuscript into an ebook formatted in PDF and a number of other formats. You retain all rights to your book. They provide your book with worldwide distribution and make it available in more than 25,000 bookstores such as Barnes & Noble and They pay 100% royalties for ebooks up torepparttar 108492 first $300 in sales and 40% thereafter. They pay 30% royalties for paperback and hardcover versions.

Take your time and plan your marketing strategy carefully. Track your response rates for each strategy and concentrate your efforts onrepparttar 108493 strategies that workrepparttar 108494 best for you. If you've developed a quality ebook and have followedrepparttar 108495 steps outlined within this series, you'll be well on your way to self- publishing your way to Internet success.

Shelley Lowery is the author of Ebook Starter. A complete ebook design kit that takes you step by step through designing, creating and marketing your own ebook. Give your ebook a professional look in just a few simple steps with over 100 ebook interface and cover templates.

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