Designing A Successful Web Site

Written by Myron Curry

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1.Your main page should giverepparttar visitor an "at a glance" understanding as to what you do and what is likely contained within your site.

2.Your main page MUST load quickly. Potential buyers are busy and unlikely to wait around for your page to load.

3.Provide a site map! (And make it easy to get to from any page). If your visitor is immediately interested in what you offer, a site map gives themrepparttar 134728 ability to quickly locaterepparttar 134729 product or service they are looking for.

4.Keep your overall design clean and uncluttered. Images, animation and links are integral parts of a successful and attractive site, but they can work against you if they're over done.

5.Throughout your site, ensure that it is obvious to your visitor where and how to contact you. Place your contact information (or a link to it) wherever you provide product or service information.

Consider having a professional web marketing firm review your existing site or participate inrepparttar 134730 development of your new site.

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Banners Don't Have to Be Boring!

Written by Merle

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Big Nose Bird

The CGI Resource

Matt's Script Archive

If you're not comfortable with CGI scripts, you can hire someone who specializes in "configuring" to do it for you. The cost will vary depending onrepparttar complexity ofrepparttar 134727 script, but you should plan on spending between $50.00 to $100.00. A few programmers who freelance are listed below. Contact them for their current rates.

There is a third option. There are a lot of "FREE" banner and ad rotation services that will do all ofrepparttar 134728 "behindrepparttar 134729 scenes" work for you. All you have to do is sign up, upload your banners, and cut and pasterepparttar 134730 code they give you. The reason they do this for free is they usually take anywhere from 5 to 15% of your banner rotations for their own use. It's a small price to pay forrepparttar 134731 ease and convenience they offer. They will also track click-thrus and impressions of all banners served, which is great for knowing what's pulling and what's not.

Some ofrepparttar 134732 best ad rotation services are:

Orbit Cycle

Hosted Scripts

Ad Zerver

Ad Rotator

Rotating banners on your website is a quick way to keeprepparttar 134733 look of your site fresh and keep those "click thrus" coming. Now that you know how to do it, there's absolutely no reason not to.

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