Designer Handbags - What Really Makes Them So Popular?

Written by Rufus Steele

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If it's a really 'top notch' name like Hermes or Versace then you need to add your name to a wait list. This list can stretch to more than two years for certain bags.

Everybody ranksrepparttar different designers according to their budget -- assigning in their mind a scale to attain. The same as everyone looks to upgrade their home or car, designer handbag lovers always aspire to move intorepparttar 135051 next bracket of handbag.

But I think thatrepparttar 135052 biggest means by which designer name handbags prosper and grow or fade away with a whimper is down to good old communication.

Work with me for a minute!

How many bags do you own?

Of those, how many are fromrepparttar 135053 same house?

Now then -- of those fromrepparttar 135054 same designer,repparttar 135055 same design house label, how many did you buy after someone else had spoken to you about it?

It can be anything from a simple comment that someone dropped in a conversation, to a friend specifically emailing you to tell you aboutrepparttar 135056 super dooper new XXX fromrepparttar 135057 house of XXXX!

Now work backwards.

How many handbags do you own that you wouldn't have bought unless someone communicated about it to you?

1? 5? 10?

That communication has helpedrepparttar 135058 designer sell more of his handbags than he would have normally, which in turn helps to build up his reputation andrepparttar 135059 strength of his name!

Design houses can (and often do!) throw as much money as they like into their advertising and marketing campaigns. The latest rake thin super model graces pages and posters, clutchingrepparttar 135060 latest Hackyunaki hobenger bag to their bosom and beaming insanely!

"I'm beautiful only because I hold a Hackyunaki bag" they seem to say to you.

But ifrepparttar 135061 people who buy and use their products don't talk about them in glowing terms, if they don't love them SOOOO much that they have to tell all their friends abut them, they'll never become a success inrepparttar 135062 world of designer handbags.

Sorepparttar 135063 answer torepparttar 135064 riddle of what makes a particular designer handbag a success is -- you!

You make designer name handbags popular and a success as much as you haverepparttar 135065 power to make them a failure, never to waste store space again!

Just by loving them and talking about them!

Rufus Steele is the author and creator of the Louis Vuitton Handbags website, a site dedicated to all things Louis Vuitton and designer handbags.

Why use Mineral Make-up without Bismuth Oxychloride?

Written by Aleta Wells

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note), butrepparttar amount of mineral powder that you get from Belle Saison is 20 grams, as compared with mineral Secret's 10 gram units for twicerepparttar 135029 price! We stick to using only micronized mineral pigments, no "rice powder" anywhere. Rice powder is a food grade additive, and therefore can cause molds, yeasts and other "nasties" to grow. Belle Saison uses only inorganic products in our mineral powder make-up line. As someone who has battled with skin problems for 20 years, it is refreshing to use Belle Saison's mineral make-up line, and to finally be seeingrepparttar 135030 last of unsightly skin maladies. The longer I userepparttar 135031 products,repparttar 135032 better my skin looks!

Aleta has over 25 years experience in the beauty/fitness world, and has personally tried almost every beauty product on the market.

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