Designer Handbags - SHould We Trust The Sales Assistants?

Written by Rufus Steele

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I believe that they refuse to allow this valuation to be recorded in any form in case it is wrong. Because they expect it to be wrong on occassion.

Too tall an idea to be believeable?

Well, how about if I told you about a lady I know who had a hilarious experience in an LV store.

She wasrepparttar lucky owner of a Gold Suhali bag. Now, these are rare, seriously rare. It'srepparttar 135918 type of bag that onlyrepparttar 135919 celebs get to own because of A) Price and B) Exclusivity! I cannot remember where she had got hers from -- but I do know it was without a doubt authentic!

She went into an LV store and proceeded to look around. She did notice what seemed to be a frosty reception fromrepparttar 135920 sales assistants but assumed it was directed somewhere else. Imagine her surprise when she discovered it was aimed at her. Both ofrepparttar 135921 sales assistants inrepparttar 135922 store thought she was a fugly lover -- because they believedrepparttar 135923 Gold Suhali was a fake! Not only didn't they know that one had been released, they didn't even know they'd be made inrepparttar 135924 first place!

And before you leap from your seat in defence ofrepparttar 135925 beleagured sales assistants with a shout of "Well, that 's not strange ifrepparttar 135926 bag is so rare!" let me temper this by saying thatrepparttar 135927 bag was rare inrepparttar 135928 same way asrepparttar 135929 Mona Lisa is rare. Rare -- but everyone knows about it!

Withrepparttar 135930 increase inrepparttar 135931 number of bags in a range andrepparttar 135932 number of ranges as well, it will always be an ever expanding job for LV and other designer labels to ensure all their staff are up to speed on allrepparttar 135933 bags available and their particular differences.

However much training they receive - they'll always be behindrepparttar 135934 times on one or two ranges or items at least. No amount of store training will be able to overcomerepparttar 135935 simple dynamics of time available for training v number of staff requiring training v people available to do training divided by time available across allrepparttar 135936 people required to be involved inrepparttar 135937 training.

Sadly, no one knows allrepparttar 135938 answers.

Now, if you're lucky enough to find a store assistant with whom you can strike up a "rapport" then you should be able to trust their answers more than most. If they don't knowrepparttar 135939 real answer, it's in their best interests to find out for you.

But should you trust an SA without question?

No, I don't think so. You should temper their answer with information that you glean from other sources as well, such as forums, chat groups of like minded designer lovers and from press and magazine articles.

Balance these sources of answers together -- and you'll always haverepparttar 135940 best answer possible -- and not a potential bad guess!

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Rufus Steele is the author and creator of the Louis Vuitton website, a site dedicated to all things Louis Vuitton

Fighting Aging Without Needles or Surgery

Written by Victoria SImone

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Why can’t we just have youthful looking skin withoutrepparttar side effects? I am sure that there are teams of scientists out there somewhere that are developing such products but what about our needs today, right? Wouldn’t a cream be an absolutely divine alternative to surgery or repetitive needle treatments? Such alternatives do exist and they are out there! Aging need not be combated with costly invasive techniques norrepparttar 135872 side-effects tolerated! Science has heard our call ladies because new products have already been developed and are out there awaiting us if we are willing to seek them out!


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