Designer Handbags - Can Men Buy Them?

Written by Rufus Steele

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But you could have knocked me over with a feather when they didn't want to serve me at all!

Having finished my ramblings and with a couple of possibilities firmly chosen, I came to a halt inrepparttar middle ofrepparttar 135053 main counter, looking over torepparttar 135054 three staff members huddled together, quietly talking. The security guard had by this time finished his assessment, obviously deciding I was more of a danger to myself thanrepparttar 135055 stock and left.

It was me and two other customers, a mother and daughter on a day out to London byrepparttar 135056 looks of things who were quietly inrepparttar 135057 far corner, seemingly arguing overrepparttar 135058 merits of a scarf versus a bag.

So I politely stood atrepparttar 135059 counter for a couple of minutes, waiting quietly. I was fairly sure that both ofrepparttar 135060 girls saw me but chose to ignore me -- but hey, I could be wrong.

But I wasn't wrong thatrepparttar 135061 male assistant saw me when he turned round, looked right at me then turned back to his discussion.

So a polite cough was called for and duly given.

And just as duly ignored.

So a louder cough followed.

Which was followed by even more ignoring.

And that was when I coughed loudly and -- please forgive me dear reader -- made that awful hawking sound atrepparttar 135062 back ofrepparttar 135063 throat that children make when they are about to do something they really shouldn't in polite company!

That got their attention. Three startled faces all looked at me with what could well have been a look of respect but I suspect was much more likely to be one of thinly veiled disgust!

Reluctantlyrepparttar 135064 male assistant tore himself away fromrepparttar 135065 safety ofrepparttar 135066 herd and ambled over.

"May I help you?" Did you noticerepparttar 135067 lack of a "sir" atrepparttar 135068 end of that greeting?? I did!

"Well, I was looking for a handbag for my wife as a xmas present" says I "something a little different and unusual"

"Everything in here is different. Did you have anything particular in mind?" says he.

Ever had that urge to just be rude back to someone and say "grow up!"? Difficult to resist, ain't it!!

"Well, I was thinking of a Mono Papillon but I'd like to see a Damier Ribera as well please. Oh, and if you have an Epi St. Moritz I'd like to have a quick look at that as well please."

That got him. You could see him almost rock back on his feet!

I knewrepparttar 135069 secret.

A man, a man knewrepparttar 135070 secret ofrepparttar 135071 store.

I knewrepparttar 135072 names ofrepparttar 135073 bags!

A thin sheen of perspiration glistened on his previously dry forehead as he threw in a delaying tactic.

"I think you might prefer a Speedy instead?"

"No thank you, it's a bit too samey samey. The Ribera will do just fine thank you."

He turned towardsrepparttar 135074 shelves, shoulders tense and body ramrod stiff.

"Make thatrepparttar 135075 Ribera MM, notrepparttar 135076 GM please" I whispered, just low enough for him to hear.

His shoulders slumped asrepparttar 135077 last vestiges of defiance ebbed away.

Meek as a lamb he spentrepparttar 135078 next twenty minutes retrieving item after item for me to review, paw and discard. He was asked question after question about origins, materials care, style variances, range histories and named designers contributions. He failed badly on some and confessed to not even knowingrepparttar 135079 basics of decipheringrepparttar 135080 date codes.

Finally, when he was just about all done in, I threw my ace onrepparttar 135081 table.

"Actually, I'd like to look atrepparttar 135082 new Marelle please."

"We don't have that bag sir" says he "it's not been released yet!" A small smile of satisfaction flickered atrepparttar 135083 corners of his mouth.

"Sorepparttar 135084 bag onrepparttar 135085 top shelf, just....there, that would be what then??" says I.

Game, set and match.

Can men buy handbags?

Some can - ifrepparttar 135086 store staff will let them.

Rufus Steele is the author and creator of the Louis Vuitton Handbags website, a site dedicated to all things Louis Vuitton and designer handbags.

Designer Handbags - So Which Is The Best Material?

Written by Rufus Steele

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Well -- you're still spoilt for choice.

How about a seat belt bag, made from recycled seat belts in a criss cross pattern? Strong, colorful and very different.

Orrepparttar new Licence Plate handbags -- made from cleaned and recycled licence plates, handbags that are literally bent into shape with hinged flaps.

Then there are evening bags, made from velvet.

Ugg handbags - made from treated sheepskin -- some of which also double up as a handbag and muff!

Beijo handbags are made purely from polyvinyl -- tough and incredibly easy to wipe clean.

Some ofrepparttar 135052 Louis Vuitton high end bags are made from a mix of cowhide leather or canvas with ostrich leather for trim and decoration!

You can even still pick up some handbags made from crocodile skin -- albeit fromrepparttar 135053 pre owned market!

The choice of materials is quite mind boggling. Just about anything you can think of as a suitable material to use for building a handbag has already been done.

The only real question is -- What do you want your handbag to say about you?

If your solid, traditional and dependable -- go for leather.

If your funky and chic -- tryrepparttar 135054 seat belt bag.

If your different and a bit of a trend setter, not a trend follower, either go withrepparttar 135055 Licence Plate handbags or design and make your own.

What's lying about round your house that you could use as a material?

Rufus Steele is the author and creator of the Louis Vuitton Handbags website, a site dedicated to all things Louis Vuitton and designer handbags.

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