Designer Baby Clothes

Written by Catherine Olivia

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Anne Geddes

One ofrepparttar latest names in baby clothes is that of famed photographer Anne Geddes. Apparently inspired byrepparttar 147689 popularity of her famous photos of babies dressed up as bumble bees, ladybugs, sunflowers, and rosebuds, Geddes has launched “annegeddesbaby,” a line of clothing for infants that will allow parents to dress their newborns as, well, bumble bees, ladybugs, sunflowers, and rosebuds. Included are pieces likerepparttar 147690 Ladybug Jacket ($39.50),repparttar 147691 Bunny Suit, Hat and Booties Set ($69.50), andrepparttar 147692 Rosebud Quilt ($29.50).

Designer baby clothes may not berepparttar 147693 easiest thing forrepparttar 147694 more frugal parent out there to comprehend, but they’re for real and they’re being purchased in droves. The one nice thing aboutrepparttar 147695 phenomena for all ofrepparttar 147696 parents who can’t afford such infantile extravagancies (or who just won’t pay those kinds of prices) is thatrepparttar 147697 babies wearing these labels today will outgrow them tomorrow and a lot ofrepparttar 147698 items will gracerepparttar 147699 shelves of your local Salvation Army or Goodwill store sometime after that, bearing a pinned on price tag that reads $1.50.

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Tahiti Honeymoon Resorts-'Fun-tastic' Experience

Written by Randy Wilson

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A lot of people like to take cross country trips when it comes to honeymoon and enjoyrepparttar honeymoon place which is a far cry fromrepparttar 147632 hum drum and vagaries ofrepparttar 147633 busy life. The Tahiti honeymoon packages give you an escape from your reality as you board a fantasy voyage to ecstasy full of romance and love. Tahiti isrepparttar 147634 place you would certainly make love to!

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