Design web album and deployment using Adobe and Macromedia- Part 1

Written by Robert Kennedy

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optimized forrepparttar web. What isrepparttar 126381 best way to create a Photo Album from so many images? Again let's refer to my favorites for this, Macro Media or Adobe? I work with both for different projects and really can't pick a favorite here! They are both excellent applications for this. Macromedia Dreamweaver has a function found under commands>create photo album, shown here You will need Fireworks installed for this to work. Go ahead and fill in allrepparttar 126382 text fields that are required information shown here

It is important you takerepparttar 126383 time to craft your words carefully, especially inrepparttar 126384 first field as this text is written into every html file generated. Checkrepparttar 126385 appropriate format, rows and columns etc. Checkrepparttar 126386 box for file names on or off and checkrepparttar 126387 box on for, 'create navigation page for each photo'.

OK that's it you're ready to fire away, click OK. Amazing, eh?

Well I am kind of busy right now working on my next project. In my next post I will talk aboutrepparttar 126388 same process of creating a web based photo album using Adobe Photoshop forrepparttar 126389 entire process.

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Simple Graphic Design

Written by Robert Kennedy

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Here is an idea for you, inrepparttar infancy stage of creating your great concept, pickup a pencil and piece of paper and sketch your ideas before you go near your computer.

Programs like Corel Draw, Adobe Photo Shop, Quark Xpress, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Pagemaker, etc. arerepparttar 126380 greatest programs for designers onrepparttar 126381 market. But these great desktop publishing programs need to be told what you want, they cannot conceptualize. These programs cannot dream for you. So it really does come down to you, your pencil and paper as any graphic designer will tell you... conceptualize, sketch, render, create.

Follow these steps for all of your creative graphic designs. Whether you're designing a colorful website, a full color multi panel brochure, an annual report, an NCR form, a power point presentation, a full color business card or stationery, keep these guidelines in mind you'll find you start getting better mileage on one set of tires. Listed below are some links that will help you make more educated discussions onrepparttar 126382 fundamentals of graphic design:

Online design tutorial- Design from business templates online with online graphic design tools- Tipsrepparttar 126383 latest tips and techniques fromrepparttar 126384 pros- Free stock photos and photography tips-

Did you know...

A quick brown fox jumps overrepparttar 126385 lazy dog

Contains every letter ofrepparttar 126386 alphabet?

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