Deserted Island Top 10 – A Professional Virtual Assistant Shares Her “Must Haves”

Written by Lori Davis

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I was lucky enough to find The Tank at a tag sale in San Francisco many years ago. The seller only wanted one buck for this beautiful piece of equipment. Can you believe it? An original IBM keyboard for $1.00. Score!

Hopefully The Tank will live forever so I don’t have to resort to using modern day keyboards!

No More Sliding atrepparttar PO is a fantastic tool and an incredible use ofrepparttar 137020 Web. I login to my account, purchase and print postage for standard letters, postcards and special delivery packages.

The best part of using is I no longer have to wait in line at my local Bronx post office, where my average wait time was nearly one hour. That’s a lost hour in my book – time which could be better spent working with my clients or snuffing outrepparttar 137021 competition.

Cool Timer (

This little gem of a desktop timer is one of my fave freebies. I setrepparttar 137022 timer atrepparttar 137023 start of scheduled interviews, always settingrepparttar 137024 timer for 30 minutes. Cool Timer then bellows when time’s up. It’s free, it’s small and incredibly useful.

Justrepparttar 137025 Fax, Ma'am (All right ... I know it's an old joke!)

eFax gives me freedom – freedom from having yet another piece of equipment on my desk! In addition,repparttar 137026 company’s monthly pricing is on par with what I would pay for a separate telephone line. You must scan hard copies of documents before faxing, but I do very little of that type of faxing, anyway. My outgoing faxes are either Word, PowerPoint or Excel documents.

Check them out at

Funny Web Site Name; Great Little Tool

I loverepparttar 137027 “Memento” software from Guys with Towels ( Little desktop sticky notes which I use to jot down fleeting thoughts and other ideas. Keep ‘em on your desktop or hide ‘em away when you’re done.

Must … Upload … Website

My FTP (file transfer protocol) software of choice is CuteFTP Professional by GlobalSCAPE. Easy to use and also loaded with enhanced capabilities. A girl’s gotta have a way to upload her site! See them onrepparttar 137028 web at

Clip, Snip & Share

TechSmith’s ( SnagIt is a fab-u-lous screen capture utility. SnagIt allows me to capture a wide variety of things, include text, images and web pages. The program is super easy to setup and use, as well.

I hope I’ll never be stranded on a deserted island – truth is, I’m afraid of deep water! Inrepparttar 137029 unlikely event I’d ever have to run my business from an island, I’ll need to ensure I’ve got my top 10 tools handy and ready to go!

I’d love to hear from you. What arerepparttar 137030 tools you simply cannot live without?

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Lori Davis is Director of the Future at Davis Virtual Assistants, a New York-based VA firm. To learn more about Lori and DavisVA, please visit and You may contact Lori at 917.319.8224 and via e-mail at


Written by Luke Goodin

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Congratulations you now haverepparttar 136986 edge over 98% of all other viral marketers!

Step 5: Repeatrepparttar 136987 process in step 4 but this time do it with article announcement groups. Go to google and type in “article announcement groups”. Spendrepparttar 136988 whole day joining and sending your article to these groups.

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