Depression and Anxiety

Written by Sara Jenkins

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There are many forms of Depression and Anxiety. Panic Attacks, Social Disorders, Specific Phobias, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome are various types of Anxiety. Psychological Predisposition and Environmental Stresses arerepparttar types of Depressions. All these symptoms can cause hazardous diseases inrepparttar 145787 long run.

Depression and Anxiety can not be fully cured, but can be treated with a proper sort of medication and therapies. The medical practitioners are required to hold sessions to understandrepparttar 145788 mental condition ofrepparttar 145789 patients and suggest appropriate medical aid there afterrepparttar 145790 sessions.

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How I overcame my stutter/stammer

Written by Stephen Hill

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My girlfriend and I also decided to move to Brixham in Devon from Birmingham.

While looking for work I put an advert in numerous newspapers inrepparttar Devon, and Cornwall area, withrepparttar 145786 headline being “if you have a stutter, I am an ex-stutterer who can help”. I had quite a few responses torepparttar 145787 adverts, however not as many as I had expected. I wrote hand-written letters torepparttar 145788 people who had contacted me, and after only two weeks I helped my first client, a fourteen-year-old girl from Exeter. I helped her over a continuous five-day period, her father was also present, both were more than happy withrepparttar 145789 results.

After two more successful five-day courses, I decided to putrepparttar 145790 career as a Financial Advisor on hold, to try to make helping people to achieve fluency a full time career. I set myself a goal forrepparttar 145791 first year of helping fifteen people, byrepparttar 145792 end of that year I had helped eighteen. I wanted to purchase a computer, which would helprepparttar 145793 letters to look more professional; I bought a computer after about eight months. I felt I needed a website and duringrepparttar 145794 early months of year two achieved this goal, I have since invested in a more impressive and factual site ( which has around two hundred “hits” per week. Advertising is essential to almost every business and byrepparttar 145795 end of year two, I placed adverts in over thirty Yellow Pages across England.

During June of 1999, I had my fifteen minutes of fame. I was featured in Woman’s Own magazine and had articles written about how I had achieved fluency in every national newspaper including a front-page appearance inrepparttar 145796 Daily Telegraph. I was interviewed on Talk Sport, Radio 2, 4 and 5, and numerous local radio stations. This is something I would have found virtually impossible only a few years before.

Overrepparttar 145797 past six years (up to 2002) I have helped many stutterer’s to reach their goal of fluency including people from Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, South Africa and Ireland.

Stephen Hill is somebody who has overcome a stammer/stutter and who now helps other people to achieve fluency. Stephen runs one to one speech courses held in Birmingham, England. For people who are unable to attend there is a seventy minute dvd available.

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