Depression Glass Companies

Written by Murray Hughes

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Anchor Hocking came into being when Anchor Cap and Closure merged with Hocking Glass in 1937, so when you see “Hocking” and “Anchor Hocking” you know you are looking at pre- and post-1937 pieces, respectively. Some ofrepparttar patterns considered highly collectible today from Hocking include Coronation (banded rib), Fortune, Old Café, Princess, and Waterford. Anchor Hocking created such well-loved designs asrepparttar 144387 Manhattan (horizontal ribbed) design along withrepparttar 144388 Oyster and Pearl pattern.

Hazel-Atlas Glass Company introduced Florentine #2 (Poppy), Hairpin (Newport) and Moderntone, while MacBeth Evans brought American Sweetheart and Petalware ontorepparttar 144389 market.

These patterns touch on only a few ofrepparttar 144390 most popular and sought after patterns that today’s collectors seek – many more exist from these and other glass manufacturers to entice and fascinate avid Depression glass aficionadosrepparttar 144391 world over.

Many ofrepparttar 144392 glass companies – at least those that survivedrepparttar 144393 Great Depression – maintain museums in which interested parties can learn much more about Depression glass andrepparttar 144394 businesses that supplied it. Credit must be given to these glass manufacturers for providing something simple and low-priced yet delightfully appealing to a grateful public at a time when such items were few and far between.

So when you admire a piece of Depression glass, there’s a good chance that very same piece may have uplifted a family in what was an otherwise bleak time. And now you’ll know when you see this prettily colored or clear and patterned glass, that it’s much more than “just another pretty face!”

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Murray Hughes

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Comic Book Collecting, Oh what an Enjoyable Past Time it is!

Written by Dave Gieber

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Through all my research overrepparttar last many months, I have even created an ebook product on how to start a comic book collection, which is filled with Internet resources. I want to have an inexpensive resource available to help others, withrepparttar 144326 same passion I have, to get started. If you care to see whatrepparttar 144327 book is about, you can check it out at and let me know what you think.

When you start your collection, you will need to start thinking about sources to purchase your comic books from. You will want to start learning about comic book supplies to help preserve and organize your magazines. You will want to learn howrepparttar 144328 rest ofrepparttar 144329 industry goes about grading physical condition and what your individual comics are worth. Personally though, I believe some ofrepparttar 144330 greatest worth in a comic book is what it means to you andrepparttar 144331 enjoyment you receive from owning these little pieces of art. You may even what to find where allrepparttar 144332 great comic book conventions are and if there are any close to you. All of this information is available onrepparttar 144333 Net and I am hoping to build a central hub to all this other great info.

Want to start a collection? Come on over and visit me. Kick your shoes off and stay for a while. I don’t think you will be disappointed. You may even want to bookmark my site. Have something of value you want me to add or a question that needs an answer? I am all ears. So start scanningrepparttar 144334 want ads and I will see you at my site. Flame on! Or was that “Up, Up and Away”?

Dave Gieber, a former rocket engineer, has decided to take up residency on the Internet. He is the owner and editor of several websites, one of which was built around one of his childhood passions; . You can visit here to keep up to date on the world of comic books and comic book collecting. Feel free to sign up for his comic book ezine at

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