Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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It is notrepparttar purpose of this book to try to describerepparttar 139496 trials and tribulations of a relationship between myself and a young Vietnamese exotic dancer who had been one ofrepparttar 139497 'boat 'people'. Suffice it to say there were many exciting times that had lead me torepparttar 139498 point where I was ready to leave this world before I even met her. I had been a self-made millionaire atrepparttar 139499 age of thirty. My travels and business had allowed me to meet some ofrepparttar 139500 most interesting people. By any standard of measurement most would agree I had enjoyed life FULLY. My interest in psychology due to having grown up with a schizophrenic mother had long before gotten intorepparttar 139501 realm of Eastern mysticism and parapsychology.

My wife was just twenty-two and I was forty six years old. We had gone to Cancun in early September of 1997 to further research a stele that I had found at Chichen Itza four years before with my previous wife. This event had ended with my being thrown offrepparttar 139502 site, and having to sign a document givingrepparttar 139503 Mexican authoritiesrepparttar 139504 right to throw me in a Mexican prison, without any recourse torepparttar 139505 courts and Canadian law. This is truly a story of oppression ofrepparttar 139506 Mayan and native people of Central America that includes a deceit of history which is IMMENSE! We had been doing a non-invasive charcoal rubbing of this 'stele' (stone for heavenly worship, or library in stone). It had been painted over twice and it seemedrepparttar 139507 white surface would have maderepparttar 139508 pictures provide insufficient clarity. So we had some paper we were using overrepparttar 139509 stone to capturerepparttar 139510 alphabet that had not 'come out' inrepparttar 139511 previous photos I had taken four years earlier whenrepparttar 139512 granite 'rock' had its original shiny surface.

This alphabet I believe confirmsrepparttar 139513 work of Col. Churchward,repparttar 139514 author of 'The Lost Continent of Mu', who documentsrepparttar 139515 Cara-Maya language isrepparttar 139516 translational medium through whichrepparttar 139517 Greek alphabet onrepparttar 139518 other side ofrepparttar 139519 'stele' tellsrepparttar 139520 story ofrepparttar 139521 destruction ofrepparttar 139522 civilization that originally colonized South America some sixty thousand years earlier. I believe Col. Churchward would agree with my statement thatrepparttar 139523 original colonization had started duringrepparttar 139524 Riis-Wurm geologic Ice Age, and was finalized duringrepparttar 139525 last Ice Age; if he hadrepparttar 139526 benefit of recent geologic and archaeologic evidence. A fellow researcher and good friend named Brenda found this in Islam and Sufism which applies to my personal quest.

Dear Brenda:

Was thisrepparttar 139527 result of Jeffrey mentioningrepparttar 139528 Language ofrepparttar 139529 Birds isrepparttar 139530 Language ofrepparttar 139531 Bards andrepparttar 139532 alchemist (like this person) Fulcanelli? This whole thing is very much fromrepparttar 139533 Keltic Creed. I draw attention to these parts - "The Hoopoe says that it is better to lose your life than to languish miserably. The Hoopoe says,

So long as we do not die to ourselves, and so long as we identify with someone or something, we shall never be free. The spiritual way is not for those wrapped up in exterior life.5

You will enjoy happiness if you succeed in withdrawing from attachment torepparttar 139534 world. Whoever is merciful even torepparttar 139535 merciless is favored byrepparttar 139536 compassionate. It is better to agree to differ than to quarrel. The Hoopoe warnsrepparttar 139537 sixth bird againstrepparttar 139538 dog of desire that runs ahead. Each vain desire becomes a demon, and yielding to each one begets a hundred others. The world is a prison underrepparttar 139539 devil, and one should have no truck with its master. The Hoopoe also says that if you let no one benefit from your gold, you will not profit either; but byrepparttar 139540 smallest gift torepparttar 139541 poor you both benefit. She says,

Good fortune will come to you only as you give. If you cannot renounce life completely, you can at least free yourself fromrepparttar 139542 love of riches and honors.6

A pupil becomes afraid in facing a choice between two roads, but a shaikh advises getting rid of fear so that either road will be good. The Hoopoe tellsrepparttar 139543 eighth bird that only if death ceases to exercise power over creatures would it be wise to remain content in a golden palace." (3)

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Written by Kay L. Schlagel

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Often when I’ve suggested journaling to people they tell me “I wouldn’t know what to write. I can’t write….etc.” there is no end to different excuses why they can’t do it. I just smile at them and say if all you can write forrepparttar first few days, weeks, or even months is “I can’t think of anything to write down here,” and go from that, do it, but at least give it a month or two before giving up on it. Journaling isrepparttar 138843 best way I know of communicating with that “inner you” whether it berepparttar 138844 inner child or just your sub-conscious. Journaling can be a great outlet for anyone no matter what his or her mental stability or state may be. I truly believe, however, that those of us who are still troubled by our past that journaling is one ofrepparttar 138845 most healing tools we can use. For those of us with MPD/DID I believe that journaling is a must. It isrepparttar 138846 one private place that we,(repparttar 138847 personalities), can all talk to one another clearly withoutrepparttar 138848 presence of another human being to react to. Without having to worry about that other person reacting to you or judging you, I’ve found I’ve hadrepparttar 138849 most pure form of communication between my alters (personalities), during journaling sessions. If you have noticed, I keep harping onrepparttar 138850 word personal and private journal. Do not even attempt to journal if you have no expectation of privacy. I’ve suggested inexpensive locked safe boxes which you arerepparttar 138851 only one with a key, or a really great hiding place. I was very lucky that I had a good expectation of privacy and my family knew to leave my journals alone or there would be an extremely high price to pay, (they weren’t sure what that price was going to be but they never seemed to want to find out). Later on, I kept them in a locked safe box with a key. Your journals are sacred and only you can decide if you want someone to read a part of them or if you never want anyone to read them ever. It’s a good feeling to finally have control over at least one thing in our life.

Kay is 46 y.o. artist/author who lives in Nebraska with two grown sons. See more of her writing at see/buy her artwork at or

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