Dependence - The Key to Success!

Written by Gail Hornback

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It is obvious how working with a mentor can be a benefit for repparttar one doingrepparttar 102092 learning. So, what arerepparttar 102093 benefits forrepparttar 102094 mentor? Simple. MORE BUSINESS.

You're thinking this contradicts withrepparttar 102095 earlier statement about unselfish motives??? Not at all.

Asrepparttar 102096 two of you develop a relationship of trust and loyalty, it goes without saying thatrepparttar 102097 person you are teaching will take an interest in whatever products or services you offer - IF it is something that will benefit his or her own business. That is whererepparttar 102098 integrity comes in forrepparttar 102099 mentor.

Do NOT go into a mentoring situation withrepparttar 102100 goal of cramming everything you sell downrepparttar 102101 throat of your student. In fact, you'll probably lose your student if you do. MOST people are smart enough to see through evenrepparttar 102102 most carefully woven sales pitch. Keep your student's best interest at heart above all things, andrepparttar 102103 benefits to both of you will flow naturally. As your student learns, he, too will have valuable resources to offer you and your business.

The absolute best attitude to take on as you go into a mentoring situation is to be ready to give, with NO strings attached. That is an age-old truth that ALWAYS brings blessings torepparttar 102104 giver.

So, once again, whether you are a newbie or an expert, you can benefit greatly from a mentoring situation. If you need a mentor, and don't know where to start looking, please feel free to contact Mike or me. We are both at different stages inrepparttar 102105 "Internet Learning Process", and both have different skills to offer. We do have one important thing in common, though. We are both more than willing to help you at whatever stage you are at! You will be a mentor yourself in no time!!! (Our addresses are listed below!)

Learn more aboutrepparttar 102106 *NEW* Team Mentor by sending a blank email to

Happy Mentoring!


Gail Hornback Your Marketing Team Center (YMTC) is the joint venture of Gail Hornback and Michael Smith. You may contact Gail or Mike at the following addresses for further information.

10 Simple Things To Make Yourself A HARD TARGET

Written by William B. Doyle

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- Immediately reportrepparttar incident torepparttar 102091 local law enforcement agencies, or your local Embassy (if overseas). Try to noterepparttar 102092 make/model, color, license plate, driver & passengers, ofrepparttar 102093 suspect vehicle (if you have a cell phone, you can be giving authorities a description while you are enroute to your pre-selected secure area).

This may be a smack of paranoia but those of us that have experience in law enforcement, physical security, anti- terrorism, etc. know that terrorists & criminals often seek out easier "soft targets" rather thanrepparttar 102094 difficult "hard targets".

By implementingrepparttar 102095 above techniques andrepparttar 102096 130+ other methods in my E-book "How To Make Yourself A HARD TARGET For Terrorists", you will significantly enhance you, your loved ones' and friends' safety.

For information on how to obtain your copy, go to: ...

...or send a blank email to: .

Be sure to keep an eye out forrepparttar 102097 "HARD TARGET" ebook series ("works-in-progress"):

* HARD TARGET Vol 1 "How To Make Yourself A HARD TARGET For Terrorists!"

* HARD TARGET Vol 2 "Your Guide To Terrorism"

* HARD TARGET Vol 3 "Basic Terrorism 101"


* HARD TARGET Vol 5 "Terrorist Incidents 19XX - 2001"

* HARD TARGET Vol 6 "How To PROTECT YOURSELF From Terrorists"

* HARD TARGET Vol 7 "How To DETECT Terrorist/Criminal SURVEILLANCE"


William B. Doyle served over 20 years in the U.S. Navy and trained over 1000 military personnel, family members & DOD civilians as an Anti-Terrorism Training Officer. He also has experience as a Naval Law Enforce- ment, Physical Security and Force Protection Officer.

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