Democracy is the art of running the circus from the monkey cage.

Written by Arthur Snell

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·No organization protested (PTA, School Boards, Teachers, parents etc. etc. · The bill was proposed by a member of a politically potent ethic minority and, inrepparttar present climate of multiculturalism and ethnic diversity of course {“whitey” would grovel and vote for a bill clearly against their best interest as well asrepparttar 126030 interests ofrepparttar 126031 students

This is just one more example ofrepparttar 126032 failure of what we laughingly call DEMOCRACY. Democracy is like a wheelbarrow, you know. It doesn’t work unless you get behind it and apply some effort. Fail to do this and you forfeit your bitching and whining rights.

Retired high school science teacher.


Written by The Bogside Artists

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Inrepparttar case of The Bogside Artistsrepparttar 126029 context was given. We were born into it. The site we chose to paint our murals, The Bogside, was a familiar part of our habitat. It was a daily fact of our existence, where we had lived and played, our history. It was drenched in blood. This by itself would, paradoxically and despiterepparttar 126030 blunderbuss abuse of our critics, make our work very reflective of where modern art is headed atrepparttar 126031 moment. For, it has long been an embarrassing fact to many curators thatrepparttar 126032 gallery itself provides a false context forrepparttar 126033 viewing of art. The gallery in effect becomes a mediator betweenrepparttar 126034 viewer for whomrepparttar 126035 work was made andrepparttar 126036 artist himself. This leads to a reification ofrepparttar 126037 work and a corresponding alienation ofrepparttar 126038 work,repparttar 126039 artist and his public. Art galleries therefore look wistfully at community art andrepparttar 126040 work of muralists like ourselves. They establish 'Outreach Programs' inrepparttar 126041 hope of redressingrepparttar 126042 balance. Performance artists, let us not forget, came into being explicitly to fill this gap.

With public artrepparttar 126043 modus operandi ofrepparttar 126044 careerist artist whose will is to challengerepparttar 126045 viewer onrepparttar 126046 presupposition thatrepparttar 126047 viewer is actually blind and stupid, would nakedly contradictrepparttar 126048 context in whichrepparttar 126049 mural artist seeks to live. The muralist's first remit is to communicate; else he would not have chosen a public site inrepparttar 126050 first place. He is willingly addressing public context, public mind, public belief, public perceptions in all their variety and contradictions. He is not appealing torepparttar 126051 dilettante orrepparttar 126052 culture vulture. He is a rebel, painting with passion because he knows that true art is poetry and poetry is notrepparttar 126053 proper arena for careerism, which rightfully belongs torepparttar 126054 market place and its chicanery. He is appealing, first and foremost, torepparttar 126055 man inrepparttar 126056 street, onrepparttar 126057 assumption thatrepparttar 126058 man inrepparttar 126059 street is not completely blind and no crazier thanrepparttar 126060 artists who address him. This isrepparttar 126061 context in whichrepparttar 126062 muralist places himself. It can be thin ice to walk upon, asrepparttar 126063 experiences of The Bogside Artists will readily testify; because it involvesrepparttar 126064 whole social context. There are political currents to avoid and tribal rapids to negotiate. We seek to honorrepparttar 126065 context we have been given; not to abuse it inrepparttar 126066 name of an infantile delusion of license masquerading as 'freedom' which alone characterizes much of what passes for so-called 'contemporary art'.

William Kelly is one of The Bogside Artists. He is author of Murals. More info about the artists can be got at;

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