Demistifying Online Casino Bonuses

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Casinos offer numerous forms of re-deposit bonuses as inducements to retain their gamblers. At a number of casinosrepparttar extent of these bonuses depends on repparttar 143842 loyalty ratings ofrepparttar 143843 members. Most ofrepparttar 143844 time these bonuses are subject torepparttar 143845 same conditions asrepparttar 143846 bonuses for initial deposits, but sometimes you have to bet multiples of this deposit to qualify for a cash-out. If your bonus is $50, for instance, you may have to bet 10 times as much - yes, $500 - to qualify. To do so you'd obviously have to be on some sort of winning streak.

Special Bonuses (e.g. preferred payment method)

Here too there are a range of bonuses. The two most frequently applied are deposit mechanism and special event bonuses.

The deposit mechanism bonus rewards you for making deposits through a preferred payment system, of which Neteller isrepparttar 143847 most widely used. You can get an additional 20 percent from some casinos for using Neteller. Terms and conditions are much like those for first-deposit bonuses.

Special event bonuses may be dressed up in different ways. You may receive one of these special bonuses if, for instance, you bet a minimum amount on a particular game. Many casinos offer this type of bonus for slots players.

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Free Xbox

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