Delegation for Business Leaders - How Letting Go Works

Written by Martin Haworth

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Your Q2 time (see 'The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People' - Stephen Covey) multiplies and you can start to use your own creative skills inrepparttar bigger framework.

To grow and develop your business or organisation. Safe inrepparttar 149582 knowledge that you have great people around you and they are realising their own potential too.

An exercise to consider!

  1. Make a list of those things you currently do, yet someone else could do.

  2. Decide to give up 20% of your role to others within your organisation within a defined timescale (1 – 3 months). 50% within a year. Value your time for what your strengths can uniquely provide.

  3. Check out your own, personal ‘nice-to-do’s’ rather than ‘need-to-do’s’. I.e. is it something you are choosing to do because you like doing it ahead of it being important enough?

  4. Review howrepparttar 149583 extra time can be best used to deliverrepparttar 149584 more challenging parts of your role – especially regarding future goals and visions.

  5. Spot check that you are also enabling others to develop and remember that they may well require clarity and coaching in new activities to start with.
Dumpingrepparttar 149585 stuff you do, rather than achieving your true worth, is escapism - it is finding things to 'do' rather than thinking, creating, challenging and firing yourself up.

So it's time to step up.

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How to know when you're on a winner

Written by Jon Lonergan

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Removingrepparttar changes which happened anyway forrepparttar 149474 whole Campaign,repparttar 149475 final difference forrepparttar 149476 effect ofrepparttar 149477 workshop onrepparttar 149478 training group was one month +12.80% two months +16.24% three months +16.95%

Over three monthsrepparttar 149479 workshop produced a 16.95% increase in sales conversion rates.

Thenrepparttar 149480 workshop was repeated for another 6 CRMs and after only one monthrepparttar 149481 change (minus Campaign change) was 16.30% improvement in sales conversion rates.

Getting CRMs from different teams meansrepparttar 149482 change is not due to one Team Leader for some reason bringing about a special improvement. Comparingrepparttar 149483 test group withrepparttar 149484 whole Campaign means they're not undergoing an improvement which is happening anyway, asrepparttar 149485 full Campaign serves as a control group forrepparttar 149486 test group.

This makes measurement a no-brainer.

Interestingly when I told one ofrepparttar 149487 CRMs his sales had gone up 45% overrepparttar 149488 three months he said "Oh I didn't realise". So even those who benefit from change are not necessarilyrepparttar 149489 best judge ofrepparttar 149490 value of that change, Luckily with mechanisms in place to keep track we can make an informed objective judgment.

That was just one example but since all modern Call Centres haverepparttar 149491 equipment in place to dorepparttar 149492 same, it's a waste of resources if they're not doing some research like this at this very moment. Maybe giving a group of CRMs an apple a day would result in increased sales. Maybe giving them an extra 10 min break would do that too. Maybe oranges would be better. Who knows?

The key is to try something and then measure it.

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