Delegate Your Work!

Written by Ruth Marlene Friesen

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From my parents I learned to work and to work hard. They also showed me by example that they didn't trust others to be reliable and do a good job, so they just did it all themselves.

But I'm trying to break out of that pattern of thinking. It's noble in a pitiful way, but not very wise. Ah-yes, my New Year's Resolution this year is to learn to work Smarter - not Harder!

You too?

Then let's start evaluating all our little to do lists, and routines to see which ones we could train someone else to take over. Hire somebody if you can.

That doesn't mean we never ever touch it again. We'll still supervise our delegated workers, give them encouragement, tips, and so on.

We probably can't and shouldn't make allrepparttar changes at once, but overrepparttar 124034 next few months, see if you can't focus more onrepparttar 124035 creative stuff only you, with your peculiar mind and memories can do.

Oh-h-h, just think; now we're finally going to be productive!

* Not an exact quote as I didn't write it down.

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I Am Finally Living My Dream! (How I left the corporate world at age 44 to pursue a career as a musician.)

Written by Jim Hudak

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By 1996, I was on my last legs as a music business executive. I'd lostrepparttar fire and couldn't let go ofrepparttar 124033 urge to follow my dream. Finally in late 1996, I left my position as Vice President of SESAC to get back to being a musician. The 15 - 20 hours a week I spent as a traffic and news reporter bridgedrepparttar 124034 financial gap.

Inrepparttar 124035 meantime, I began rounding up gigs, hustling, and learning allrepparttar 124036 new songs onrepparttar 124037 piano that I possibly could. I knew I was getting about a 20-year late start compared to allrepparttar 124038 hot young players out there. But I figured I could make up for at least some of that through sheer hard work and determination. Because of my previous work experience, I was comfortable telephoning and meeting with people of all levels of business. I began working with hotel, restaurant and country club managers, wedding planners, and any venue that might be open to having piano music.

Systematically going throughrepparttar 124039 yellow pages, I would keep meticulous notes about which businesses had a piano, who I'd spoken with and when to follow-up. Soon enough I was performing regularly - an average of three times per week…and earning decent money. Often I would find performing opportunities in unexpected places: libraries, museums, senior citizen facilities, and lots of corporate parties. Eventually, I was fortunate to land a four day a week steady job playing piano at a couple of Nordstrom stores…low paying, but great exposure and experience. I was on my way!

Now with two CDs available on Brainstorm Records, MY independent record label,repparttar 124040 dream is being realized...the dream is being lived! The CD sales combined with my constant gigging six or more times per week nearly equalrepparttar 124041 income I earned during my peak years as a music executive. Meanwhile, I am putting a new emphasis on generating songwriting royalty revenue, with a three-year plan underway designed to round out that third source of income I have planned on since grade school.

It hasn't been easy...but it has been worth it in every way! My little musical empire, now five years old, has seen steadily increasing in revenues each year. I have felt surges of joy andrepparttar 124042 ultimate in frustration. I am always eager for new challenges…and sometimes ready to quit. But, awhile back I came across a sentence that sums it all up perfectly. The statement comes from John Madden,repparttar 124043 highly successful former football coach ofrepparttar 124044 Oakland Raiders (who has become an even more successful football broadcaster). He was talking aboutrepparttar 124045 insecure, volatile occupation of being a National Football League Coach, a profession where one can almost guarantee they will be fired - often more than once. In determining whether or not someone is suited for that difficult profession, Madden said: "You shouldn't be doing it unless you can't live without it.”

I would sayrepparttar 124046 same applies to one's pursuit of music, or whatever their particular dream may be. If you can't live without it you simply have no choice but to pursue it.

For me, pursuing my dream wasrepparttar 124047 best and most rewarding thing I have ever done.

If you've got a dream, I say, LIVE IT!!

Jim Hudak is a pianist, singer, guitarist, and songwriter who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. His latest CD, Gratefully Yours, is currently receiving international acclaim. For more information, you can contact Jim through his website,, or by phoning Brainstorm Records at (925) 673-7293.

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