Delectable Collectibles

Written by C.L.Hanna

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If you are not yet a "collector" but would like to begin, choose something you really like. Don't collect something because you know someone else collects it...a collection should be your very own - it should mean something to you. Maybe it's a particular item that makes for happy memories. Not long ago, I was shopping and found a little "treasure" that inspired me at a great price. Asrepparttar saleswoman was wrapping it she dropped it. Another saleswoman assisted her in briefly examining it and after determining (incorrectly) that it was unharmed she said, "It's fine...these are very hard to break...anyway everybody's mother had one of these years ago..." - which was precisely why it had caught my eye!

Do you like a certain color?

Then collect anything and everything in that color! Collecting is always fun...and if you are very lucky - it may even be financially rewarding! A few people begin collecting forrepparttar 116324 purpose of making money someday - but most of us collect forrepparttar 116325 sheer enjoyment we get fromrepparttar 116326 items themselves. There are some things that I have collected overrepparttar 116327 years that just "speak to me" and I simply love having them around. I wouldn't think of selling them - to me they are priceless.

Whatever your reason for collecting, remember - it's a past-time that helps to preserve times past - and that is just one more reason to feel good about collecting!

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Mississippi Outdoor Adventures

Written by Marty Anthony

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The website isrepparttar exclusive source for our videos. There you can find products for all your hunting needs. The site has a full line of products for all types of hunting. Pictures fromrepparttar 116323 videos are up onrepparttar 116324 site now beforerepparttar 116325 tapes are released. We look forward to you joining our adventures inrepparttar 116326 upcoming tape. We are already looking forward torepparttar 116327 2003-2004 season. The next tape is already inrepparttar 116328 planning stages. We will be filming our annual dove hunt with a few of our friends, Jamie and I will be traveling to north Mississippi for a great bow hunt at one ofrepparttar 116329 best locations for deer inrepparttar 116330 country. We will be filming a pheasant hunt in Kansas forrepparttar 116331 first time, as well as plenty of deer hunting in south Mississippi. And donít forget we have one ofrepparttar 116332 best places for turkey inrepparttar 116333 country. We at Mississippi Outdoor Adventures look forward to hearing from you and hope that you will enjoy watching our tapes as much as we enjoy making them

Avid outdoorsman, now resides in Mississippi.

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