Defining Your Goals

Written by Scott Hansgen

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After you have defined your goals and made sure they are realistic, you can then start looking at what things you need to do to reach each goal. Breakrepparttar goal down into easy to accomplish "steps". By working toward your goals with steps, you can accomplish something every day that will move you closer to your goal without it seeming so overwhelming. Before you know it, you will be staring your goal straight inrepparttar 125377 face!

Keep in mind that when we fail to reach a particular goal, we must first understand why we failed. It may very well have been something out of our immediate control that causedrepparttar 125378 failure. We also need to remember that even in failure we have succeeded. We succeeded in learning. Learning what NOT to do is just as important than learning what TO do. It reminds me of mixing. When you need a little more high end it's always better to drop some ofrepparttar 125379 low end rather than boostrepparttar 125380 high end. It's a negative move that brings a positive result. Always be willing to learn fromrepparttar 125381 process. Remember....without failure there is NO success!!

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10 Tips For Advancing Your Career

Written by Bonnie Lowe

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6. Viewrepparttar BIG PICTURE and understand your company's mission. Find ways to help them accomplish it.

7. SAVE MONEY for your company by identifying ways to boost revenues, reduce expenses, or streamline processes.

8. Offer SOLUTIONS torepparttar 125376 problems you must take to your boss.

9. Show RESPECT to everyone -- superiors, peers, subordinates, and especially customers.

10. JOIN ASSOCIATIONS and professional organizations related to your career. In addition to helping you learn more about your industry, this can provide invaluable networking opportunities. (Which might come in handy if your employer isn't promoting!)

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