Defibrillator Recall

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VITALITY AVT The Vitality AVT was designed for thin people whom a smaller implant device would be less noticeable. Guidant thinks that there are about 21,000 of these units that might suffer from a memory error that will preventrepparttar device from deliveringrepparttar 149424 proper therapy.

RENEWAL 3 AVT This unit also has undergone an memory error that may preventrepparttar 149425 device from recognizing a critical situation. There have been approximately two failures with this unit, but neither resulted in serious injury nor death.

RENEWAL 4 AVT Guidant has issued a recall of 21,000 units ofrepparttar 149426 Renewal 4 AVT devices. This product has a potentially fatal manufacturing defect inrepparttar 149427 memory system program. This flaw can preventrepparttar 149428 device from monitoring and correcting dangerous heart conditions. If you have one of these devices you should report to your doctor immediately for a programming readjustment to reverserepparttar 149429 problem.

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Safer meat with rosemary

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Dr J. Scott Smith of Kansas State University in Manhattan explained thatrepparttar antioxidants in rosemary are also found in smaller amounts in other herbs such as oregano, sage and basil. The antioxidants are likely to reduce HCAs by blockingrepparttar 149423 chemical process that createsrepparttar 149424 cancer-causing compounds, Smith noted. To keep meat safe, Smith recommended avoiding cooking it at extremely high temperatures. Adding spices couldn't hurt, he noted, and may makerepparttar 149425 meat even safer.

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