Defending and Protecting Net Newbies

Written by Dee Scrip

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4.Credit Card Fleecing -- The devastating aroma of identity theft lingers for years. Unprotected computers, or un-secure, peer-to-peer services, provide a smorgasbord for wolf hackers to feast on. Wolf packs offer each other programs, manuals, processor chips, etc., to easily access net newbie computers, gather confidential information, then spew forth carcasses known as viruses, worms, or Trojan horses. Confidential information is then sold to other criminal internet wolves for profit, as they in turn create new bank accounts, purchases, etc. usingrepparttar net newbie’s identity.

5.Social Fleecing -- Ostensiblyrepparttar 146956 zenith of vulnerabilities for net newbies occurs when grazingrepparttar 146957 pastures of IM (instant messaging) services, chat rooms, disaster relief solicitations, etc. Net newbies are blindsighted, not only by their intrinsic nature to alleviate personal tragedies, but also by assuming there is safety in numbers and that firewalls (anti-virus software) provide protection when utilizing IM services or chat rooms.

Tips for Net Newbies:

* Seek guidance from professional internet marketing experts, rather than lone wolves (although some wolves travel in packs) who purportedly made their millions by discovering a “secret” or unique marketing technique. * Refrain from approaching or viewingrepparttar 146958 internet as a place to make a fast buck, regardless of how convincing a wolf website or den appears. * Avoid IM services, peer-to-peer systems, and chat rooms. * Abstain from money-doubler schemes. This is frequentlyrepparttar 146959 den for wolf packs. You can sell amidstrepparttar 146960 wolves without joiningrepparttar 146961 pack. * Take time to develop online relationships and learn how to locate legitimate business opportunities before investing money.

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Is Spyware Slowing Your Computer Down To A Crawl?

Written by George Peirson

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Luckily there are several easy solutions torepparttar problem. But first let me make one distinction, Spyware and Adware are notrepparttar 146794 same thing as a computer virus. Although a computer virus can install spyware on a computer, you will need different tools to remove a computer virus and to keep your system clean from Spyware and Adware. You should be using both a high quality commercial anti-virus program and one or more good quality programs for handlingrepparttar 146795 spyware/adware problem.

There are several good Spyware/adware programs onrepparttar 146796 market. I use two different programs on my network, Ad-aware from Lavasoft and Spy Sweeper from Webroot Software although there are several others. You can easily find both of these by doing an internet search for Ad-aware and Spy Sweeper. Or simply do a search for spyware. Both of these programs will scan your hard drives and registry and present you with a list of spyware/adware programs hiding on your system. You can then quarantine or removerepparttar 146797 offending programs. I use both of these programs since neither one seems to catch everything. Plus I will run them 2 or more times in a row,repparttar 146798 nastier spyware will not be completely removed onrepparttar 146799 first pass.

The process is very easy and I recommend running these programs at least once a week and every time you have been doing some extended web surfing. You will be surprised at how many of these spyware/adware programs will sneak onto your system. I run a very clean network and I have yet to scan my system and not come up with at least a few of these hiding on my hard drive.

So be aware ofrepparttar 146800 problem, take reasonable precautions, scan your system frequently, andrepparttar 146801 spyware/adware curse can be broken.

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