Defective Heart Defibrillators recalled by Guidant Corporation

Written by Mike Mahon

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If you believe that you have been administered a defective defibrillator,repparttar first thing you need to do is consult your doctor. You may need to have your defective defibrillator removed. You should then seek legal advice.

Do not miss your opportunity to be part of a defective defibrillator claim against Guidant.

If you or a loved one has been hurt by a defective defibrillator contact an attorney for a free evaluation of your Guidant defibrillator recall claim. Defective defibrillator attorneys are organizing class action suits against Guidant. If you plan to challenge a corporationrepparttar 148877 size of Guidant, you need experienced attorneys in your corner.

Clarke, Perdue, Arnold & Scott and associated law firms specialize in representing victims of defective medical devices, they understand the intricacies of class action cases as well as the medical devices involved.

Zoloft Side Effects: Akathisia and Violent Behavior

Written by Margaret Wommack

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The problem with Zoloft is that it has been shown to cause a condition known as akathisia. Akathisia is described as an overwhelming physical and mental restlessness and it leads people to destructive behavior. Pfizer,repparttar manufacturer of Zoloft has been charged with purposefully concealing information they had aboutrepparttar 148826 side effects of Zoloft including akathisia. Pfizer has furthermore been charged with promotingrepparttar 148827 drug for off-label use not approved of byrepparttar 148828 FDA. A few cases of homicide or violent behavior have used Zoloft induced akathisia as a defense. If you or a loved on has been affected by Zoloft, find a doctor to see if you may have one ofrepparttar 148829 serious side effects fromrepparttar 148830 drug which includes akatisia. If you can tie your health problem to Zoloft you may be able to pursue your case in court to receive financial compensation.


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