Decorative Wall Painting Techniques

Written by Niall Roche

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you may just want to create a wallpaper effect by stamping or stenciling a simple design over your base coat. However, you may want to go a step further with your project and use stencils or stamps to create a faux brick or stone wall. You don’t need to be an artist to create one of these faux finishes. Just follow these simple steps. First, paintrepparttar walls withrepparttar 100020 color you chose forrepparttar 100021 mortar betweenrepparttar 100022 bricks or stones. Oncerepparttar 100023 base coat is dry, stamp or stencil your bricks or stones overrepparttar 100024 base coat. Oncerepparttar 100025 brick or stonework is dry, spatter a bit ofrepparttar 100026 darker color over your faux art to give it depth and make it appear more realistic.

Creating faux effects such as making your walls look like they are made of plaster or suede can also really make your room stand out. You can easily learn how to create these seemingly difficult finishes at your local paint store. Paint bases that automatically give a suede or textured effect torepparttar 100027 walls are a shortcut that even artists use to create fun finishes.

Finally, no matter which decorative wall painting technique you choose, remember that it is just a few layers of paint. You can always redorepparttar 100028 finish on your walls as you learn more aboutrepparttar 100029 art of decorative painting.

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Tips for Decorating Children's Rooms

Written by Komee Carpenter 2005

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Okay you have your foundation in place. Now is whenrepparttar fun begins. Pick a theme, any theme. Bed in a Bag sets are really reasonably priced and are available in many different themes so are a great place to start when you’re on a budget. Then add a coordinating lamp, a couple things onrepparttar 100019 wall and an accent rug. Pick up some Wallies™ and slap them onrepparttar 100020 walls or even onrepparttar 100021 furniture.

Getrepparttar 100022 kids involved in decorating their rooms. Let them make some of their own choices. For example: You’re trying to pick a color scheme and she has a total difference of opinion as to what it should be. Give her two or three options to choose from so she gets to makerepparttar 100023 final decision.

Whenrepparttar 100024 kids get to be involved inrepparttar 100025 decision making, they are more likely to “own” their new décor. And we can always hope that will give them some incentive to keep it clean!

Oh, and that budget I mentioned earlier? (You hoped I forgot didn’t you?) Only you know what your budget is for decorating your kid’s room, and it doesn’t matter if you have $200 or $2000 dollars. You can’t even begin to plan a room re-do without knowing how much you can spend. Otherwise you’ll be out there floundering around buy stuff you don’t probably need and can’t afford.

If it’s $200, you’ll most likely be looking at paint, bedding and a couple little room accents. You might even be able to pick up a second hand night stand to refinish. But if we’re talking $2000, you can do some new furniture and maybe new carpet too!

Komee Carpenter has been in the decorating industry for over 15 years and started the Decorating Kid Rooms website to share her ideas and knowledge.

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