Decorating with rocks, the beauty of rustic decor

Written by Joseph Lewitin

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Stone can also be crafted into desk clocks, wall clocks, coasters, and more. Almost anything can be made from stone.

By bringing stone into a design scheme, you giverepparttar room a sense of solidarity. A rustic fealing, that you cant achieve easily in modern homes. It comes in almost any color you can imagine, and each item is one of a kind.

So next time you dissmiss rocks as just being, rocks, think aboutrepparttar 100076 many aspects of stone decorating that are out there.

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How to Align Your Shafts

Written by Thomas Yoon

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Angular alignment

By inserting a feeler gauge betweenrepparttar coupling faces and rotate both coupling halves simultaneously we can check whetherrepparttar 100075 shafts have any angular displacement between them. The feeler gauge readings at checked at four points onrepparttar 100076 shaft coupling. Againrepparttar 100077 alignment is corrected by shimming or shiftingrepparttar 100078 machinery.

The motor andrepparttar 100079 driven machine should be bolted solidly torepparttar 100080 base after finalizingrepparttar 100081 alignment positions ofrepparttar 100082 equipment.

For more information on alignment andrepparttar 100083 different tolerances click onrepparttar 100084 following link: Alignment Info

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