Decorating with Shabby Chic

Written by Johann Erickson

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If you're on a tight budget, Shabby Chic is a great choice. Make your own slipcovers with any durable white or beige fabric, and cover couches and chairs to match. Pick up interesting accessories at yard sales and flea markets, and paint them allrepparttar same shade of white. Pull out your favorite pictures and put them in frames painted white or coordinated accent colors. Throw in a few candles, flowers, and pillows, and you’ve got a beautiful Shabby Chic room.

Shabby Chic is also perfect for highlighting single pieces of furniture. Do you have a gorgeous, beloved antique but nothing else that goes with it? Decoraterepparttar 116200 room in Shabby Chic and let your antique berepparttar 116201 center of attention.

Whatever your style, whatever your budget, whatever mismatched furniture you own, there's a Shabby Chic look for you.

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Discover How To Quilt

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Another method of machine appliqué involves drawing or tracingrepparttar shape ontorepparttar 116199 wrong side ofrepparttar 116200 fabric. The patch is then placed facedown onto a lightweight lining and sewn aroundrepparttar 116201 marked seam line. It is then trimmed, turned right side out and sewn torepparttar 116202 background using invisible thread and a machine blind hemstitch.

If you are just learning how to quilt that are plenty of sites onrepparttar 116203 Internet that can explain such products as heat-activated fusible web and, seam lines and various stitches used in quilting.

A 'Block' is a single design unit comprised of small fabric pieces sewn together to produce a decorative pattern. Often, blocks are separated by alternating plain squares or by fabric strips. This is called sashing. Sashing is a term that those just learning how to quilt will run into often.

For comprehensive step by step lessons in how to quilt go Here you will find out everything you always wanted to know about making a quilt including instructions on how to cut shapes for piece work, hand piecing, machine piecing, creating appliques by hand, creating borders and sashing.

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