Decorating Frugally

Written by Rachel Paul

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To go in for a really coordinated design scheme, you can userepparttar same effects you used onrepparttar 100132 walls ofrepparttar 100133 room onrepparttar 100134 furniture or other accessories inrepparttar 100135 room. For example, if your kitchen walls haverepparttar 100136 leaf design, then you can userepparttar 100137 same design onrepparttar 100138 cupboards, tabletops, and refrigerator door and bread box too! I hope that was a fun set of frugal ideas to spruce up your walls this summer. But before you rush off to start, make a note ofrepparttar 100139 following tips too: 1.Make surerepparttar 100140 surface to be decorated is clean and dry. 2.Keep your supplies [sponge, paint, rags, scraps of paper or tissue, stencils, vegetables or fruits etc] on an old newspaper so you donít have a messy floor to contend with atrepparttar 100141 end of your project. 3.Use acrylic craft paint instead ofrepparttar 100142 oil based stencil paint because it is brighter and easier to clean. Now that just reminds me, there are a whole lot of people staying in rented homes who arenít allowed to paint their walls! Guess what? You can still decorate with any design you want! Hereís what you do: Using any ofrepparttar 100143 tips given above, paint, stencil or block-printrepparttar 100144 designs you want on cheap sheets or old bed sheets. Make sure you use good quality fabric paint.

Let it dry thoroughly. Then cut out these designs and soak them in a solution of liquid starch and water [2 tsp starch to one cup water]. Now place them onrepparttar 100145 walls wherever you want. They can be peeled off easily when you get tired of them or when itís time to move!

Rachel Paul is a busy at-home mom and an avid interior decorator who loves to find genuinely innovative ways to perk up her home in the few free moments she finds between caring for her family and pursuing home study writing courses as well. She can be contacted at:

Remodeling Tips Should You Do The Remodeling Yourself?

Written by Judi Singleton

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I recently did part ofrepparttar work in remodeling my bathroom myself. Then hired a contractor to finish it. I tore out a wall. Then removedrepparttar 100131 old bathtub. I tore uprepparttar 100132 old flooring and tile. I hired a plumber who installedrepparttar 100133 new tub, toliet, and sink andrepparttar 100134 green board aroundrepparttar 100135 tub, plusrepparttar 100136 tub surround and faucets. I hired a handy person to put downrepparttar 100137 subflooring. Then I hired a professional installer to installrepparttar 100138 tile. I preped allrepparttar 100139 walls and put on two coats of undercoat onrepparttar 100140 walls. Then hired a painter to finishrepparttar 100141 job. The original bid I got for allrepparttar 100142 work with materials was over $5000. by buying allrepparttar 100143 materials myself and doing part ofrepparttar 100144 work I didrepparttar 100145 whole job for about $1,500 dollars. That figure included permits. That was a big savings and byrepparttar 100146 time I figured out what my time was worth I saved even more. I also ended up with a very professional job.

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