Decoding Interview Questions: What are they really asking?

Written by Scott Brown

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Q: “So tell me about yourself...”

A: This question usually comes towardsrepparttar middle ofrepparttar 150468 interview or atrepparttar 150469 very beginning to help start things off. If it seems like a very straightforward question- it is. However, don’t makerepparttar 150470 mistake of thinkingrepparttar 150471 interviewer wants to get to know you on a personal level. Interviewers ask this question in order to find out about your strengths and weaknesses and how they may affect your work performance. So instead of telling them what you like to do on weekends, you might want to say something like “I’m very sociable and I get along with all kinds of people.” An answer like that would show that you work well with others and you’re probably fairly easy to get along with.

Whatever you do- don’t stress too much aboutrepparttar 150472 actual questions. A lot of times, a first impression has more to do withrepparttar 150473 way you conduct yourself thanrepparttar 150474 things you actually say. If you come in with pre-rehearsed answers and a script-like presentation, you probably won’t win them over. But if you are asked a question that you weren’t prepared for, but you handle it well, you are exhibiting both sincerity and “grace under pressure.” Now that you understandrepparttar 150475 meaning of these questions, you should be able to come up with some personalized answers. Keep in mind that they ask these questions to get an idea of who you are, not to put you onrepparttar 150476 spot. If you ever feel like you’re being asked an unfair or inappropriate question, you always haverepparttar 150477 option to leaverepparttar 150478 interview and turn downrepparttar 150479 job. But in most situations,repparttar 150480 person is just trying to get to know you a little, so let them!

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How to Find Opportunity

Written by H. Vanoy Barton

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Without a doubt, many managers, supervisors, or bosses will not be receptive to an approach such as this, most because they cannot be. We do not live in a perfect world and neither do they. Yes, some people delight in stiflingrepparttar progress of others. How can this be overcome? It can be overcome inrepparttar 150408 same manner as virtually any impasse, or problem, can be overcome - by energetic progress towardrepparttar 150409 good. For example, perhapsrepparttar 150410 company's competition, orrepparttar 150411 supervisor's competition quite frankly would be keen to read your thoughts on how to better, not only your job, butrepparttar 150412 others withinrepparttar 150413 company as well.

The above is but one small example of how opportunity is omnipresent and almost always disguised. Inrepparttar 150414 example above you have seizedrepparttar 150415 opportunity as it presented itself withinrepparttar 150416 mere thought of your desire to have a better job. If you indeed begin constructing a well-planned memo, or letter, or email such as inrepparttar 150417 example above, you have takenrepparttar 150418 first step alongrepparttar 150419 journey of makingrepparttar 150420 opportunity a reality.

What you cannot do, however, is say no to opportunity. If you entirely believe that your lot will never improve, it will not. If you do not act in some positive manner - first to recognize opportunity, second to advance it within your life - you will have defeated opportunity. No is a very powerful word, it is even more powerful when you say it to yourself with conviction. Defeat has many disciples and many adherents; billions of them are alive right now.

Stay clicked to This Is Info. Opportunity is a core concept of life. An ongoing mission of This Is Info is to make opportunity a reality for any who yearn for it. In our next segment, we will continue with more ofrepparttar 150421 example of opportunities presented by merely wanting a better job.


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