Deck Decoration

Written by Elizabeth Holly

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Keeping a chest inside of beach paraphernalia - floats, leis, sunglasses, and even a pirate’s eye patch will keep your children entertained as you try to prepare dinner.

You can also have a country theme on your deck. My great-aunt has this huge covered deck and on it she uses old barrels as side tables and chairs; forrepparttar chairs part ofrepparttar 146111 barrel is cut forrepparttar 146112 back andrepparttar 146113 previous top ofrepparttar 146114 barrel as nailed down asrepparttar 146115 seat. There’s kind of a country atmosphere there withrepparttar 146116 added touches of old Pepsi bottles, signs, and tools hanging onrepparttar 146117 wall as well as flowers hanging from every corner ofrepparttar 146118 roof.

Whatever theme you decide to use on your deck,repparttar 146119 essentials are a table and chairs with some extra seating and side tables. If your deck is too small for that, you can simply purchase a couple of Adirondack chairs and side tables to match. Your parties may be smaller, but you can always put a picnic table inrepparttar 146120 yard to seat more people. Choose your own theme; a deck is a place where you can put your favorite random items to good use. So from Coca-Cola to country to classic, create your own deck decorations and spendrepparttar 146121 rest ofrepparttar 146122 summer enjoying your friends on your jazzy new deck.

And no one will care if it's not an official Veranda.

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What does it take to design and build your own fire pit?

Written by Nicole Martins

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Once you have finished building, be sure to keep safety in mind. An in ground hearth is a permanent outdoor fixture. You may want to keep it covered when not in use; you can find inexpensive scrap metal and have it cut to fit. Another option is to buy a basic fire pit which should include cover, spark screen, log grill and such and then build your stone or brick wall around it (see ). This limitsrepparttar chances of children or pets accidentally running into an exposed fire pit and getting burned.

If you want to build a gas fire pit, shop for either gas fire logs with or without embers or choose a simple metal fire ring: both ideas will allow you to designrepparttar 146026 housing forrepparttar 146027 fireplace and come up with your own plan.

Whatever you decide, either to build your own or buy one manufactured, a fire pit is a beneficial addition to your outdoor space, allowing you to grill outdoors or to stay warm on cool evenings.

Nicole Martins is a contributing author and publisher to, where you can find information, articles of interest and reviews on outdoor fireplaces, patio heaters and fire pits.

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