Debunking the Cradle of Civilization Myth

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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I thinkrepparttar 'Dark Ages' began shortly afterrepparttar 127592 Trojan World War and has been ascendant throughoutrepparttar 127593 world forrepparttar 127594 last 3,000 years. It is time to re-evaluate our collective behavior and value systems torepparttar 127595 point where we realizerepparttar 127596 'cave men' ofrepparttar 127597 egalitarian roots of mankind when women wererepparttar 127598 equal of men, were actually our ethical superior. It is time to throw offrepparttar 127599 shackles of ego that made Euro-centric or other Scales of Nature and historical 'realities'. Is it time to recognizerepparttar 127600 cycles of human existence have included those who were even more advanced than we are today? Technologically, it is possible, and we have already touched upon why we think it is no more absurd to suggest this thanrepparttar 127601 paradigm's insistence on our ascendant science that is often proven wrong. We've touched uponrepparttar 127602 isolated and highly certain DNA ofrepparttar 127603 Mungo Man, who is not related to any others on earth amongrepparttar 127604 human family today. Where did they come from, or go to? Why did they teach us and then leave us to be lead along this path of misogynistic war and prejudice? Wasrepparttar 127605 Hobbit that is shown on nearby Flores Island as much capable of modern thought as a recent research report indicates? (1)

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Moon Gazing - Is It Right For You?

Written by Gary Nugent

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Withrepparttar encroachment of light pollution acrossrepparttar 127591 globe,repparttar 127592 pristine skies of my youth have been gradually fading behindrepparttar 127593 yellow-orange glow of ever more street lamps. Where stars once twinkled on a velvet background, only a few hardy garnets of light now poke throughrepparttar 127594 misty haze and background neon glow. Butrepparttar 127595 Moon is always there, outshining any murk and pollution we cough up intorepparttar 127596 sky.

It's a shame we don't treatrepparttar 127597 sky withrepparttar 127598 same respect we give our national parks. After all,repparttar 127599 sky belongs to all of us. How many of us really appreciate people throwing garbage into our back yards or littering our parks. Why should we allow others to pollute our natural resources?

These days, I'm getting into lunar photography with digital cameras and more sophisticated CCD cameras. I've posted a few of my images on my website if you'd like to see them. I still find a night underrepparttar 127600 stars with a partially lit Moon high inrepparttar 127601 sky a relaxing and humbling pursuit. The Moon isrepparttar 127602 only object inrepparttar 127603 solar system where we can see real surface detail. I'm so passionate about it that I also wrote an ebook called Observingrepparttar 127604 Moon (

Growing up duringrepparttar 127605 Apollo era, I have to say that those missions played a great part in spurring on my interest inrepparttar 127606 moon. My interest is alive and well and extending in other directions (more on that another time). I hope yours is too.

Onward and upward, as they say!

Gary Nugent has spent more years than he cares to remember pursuing astronomy as a hobby. He runs a number of astronomy based based sites: Night Sky Observer: The Moon This Month: LunarPhase Pro: "Photon" Astronomy Ezine:

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