Debt Reduction Solutions

Written by Mark Lambie

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4. If you do not owe a home, orrepparttar home you do own has negligible equity built up then you cannot get equity from your home. Still, depending on your income, you may be eligible for mortgage refinancing below market rates. Check with your bank or local housing authority to see if you qualify for a low or moderate income loan. The savings you realize through reduced mortgage payments may help you pay down your debt.

Finding debt reduction solutions that work for you is an important first step in eliminating debt. Make a plan and stick with it and you will soon be living a debt free/care free life.

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How Electronic Checks Work Will Paper Checks Eventually Go Away?

Written by Robb Ksiazek

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  • In a store, there might be a sign posted that says electronic checks are used.
  • For mailed checks, businesses might include notice on a monthly statement or underrepparttar terms and conditions section of your agreement.
  • In addition torepparttar 150132 notice, information should also be provided fromrepparttar 150133 company on how insufficient funds are collected and whatrepparttar 150134 associated fee is for recovering those funds.

Do I Get My Check Back and Willrepparttar 150135 Payment be Shown on My Monthly Statement?

Your bank may be unable to give you a copy of your checks, so it is important to keep records ofrepparttar 150136 checks written out duplicate checks are a great solution to this dilemma. If you run into a bind and need a copy of a check written to a merchant, check with that business, they may be able to provide it to you.

You payment must be shown on your monthly bank statement. It should includerepparttar 150137 name ofrepparttar 150138 business,repparttar 150139 payment amount andrepparttar 150140 daterepparttar 150141 payment was electronically transferred from your account.

What if There is an Error on Your Account or Unauthorized Transactions?

Be inrepparttar 150142 habit of reviewing your account regularly for errors. Did two payments go through instead of one? Were you chargedrepparttar 150143 wrong amount? By law, you have 60 days fromrepparttar 150144 date your statement was sent to you to notify your financial institution of any errors. Your bank may take up to 45 days from when you notify them to investigaterepparttar 150145 issue. Normally, your bank will credit your account whilerepparttar 150146 investigation occurs.

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