Debt Management – Watch Out for Bank Fees!

Written by Charles Essmeier

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check their bank statements carefully. Automatic teller machines are certainly convenient, but their use is now mandatory at some banks for no-fee transactions.

Something else consumers should watch out for is overdraft fees. Many banks now offer overdraft protection; you can use your debit card or checkbook to make purchases that exceedrepparttar balance in your account. In years past,repparttar 149836 bank would have returnedrepparttar 149837 check or deniedrepparttar 149838 debit purchase; now they letrepparttar 149839 purchase go through. This comes at a cost;repparttar 149840 average fee for an overdraft charge is $25. Should you exceed your balance by a mere $10,repparttar 149841 $25 charge amounts to a 250% interest rate onrepparttar 149842 short-term loan of ten dollars. The overdraft business is a good one; banks nationwide earned about ten billion dollars last year on overdraft charges alone.

There are many other situations that banks use to tack on fees, and some of them aren’t all that obvious. In order to make sure that your bank isn’t charging you more than you’d like for your business with them, make sure that you read your statement carefully. If not,repparttar 149843 “convenience” of banking could come at a high price.

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Investment Techniques For Creating Passive Income

Written by Mika Hamilton

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Creating a Passive Income gives you more time and money to spend on Wealth Creation

Passive income is generated when you are making an income without having to work for it. For example if you own a business, that you have setup to run completely on its own, or if you own shares in a company that pays you annual dividends, or perhaps a piece of real estate that generates capital or rental returns.

All these investment techniques earn you passive income. because you are not limited byrepparttar amount of hours you can spend per day working on them. Instead of working for money, you now have money working for you. This isrepparttar 149818 true essence of any effective wealth creation strategy. Maximum return for minimum effort.

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