Death by Workers' Compensation "The Bleeding Rose"

Written by D.A. Hougaard

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“Officer, she is onrepparttar other line at a pay phone on Rich Street . “ Anthony toldrepparttar 108382 officer. “Keep her onrepparttar 108383 phone because we can tracerepparttar 108384 call back to you, do it now!” The officer instructed him. Anthony clicked back his call waiting to Alex. “Alex! Talk to me, they are trying to find you but you got to stay onrepparttar 108385 phone with me….Alex.” Anthony was telling Alex that they would tracerepparttar 108386 number back from their home and back to her. Anthony was trying to reassure Alex everything was going to be ok. “I am coming home, I can’t wait…I am bleeding….I am so….tired. I want to come home…be there…to help me, but be there….” Alex hung uprepparttar 108387 phone. Anthony was beside himself. He clicked back torepparttar 108388 officer. “Officer she hung up, she said she is going to drive home.” Anthony stated. “It is okay, we have finishedrepparttar 108389 trace torepparttar 108390 phone she is at. However, it would not do us any good if she were trying to drive to you. What is she driving?” The officer asked. Anthony gaverepparttar 108391 route she normally takes, he explained,repparttar 108392 car make, model and license number. For all he could do for now is wait for her to come to him, or be called she had an accident.  Shaken, he grabbed his sweater and his phones and went out intorepparttar 108393 parking lot to see if he could see her coming. Pacing up and downrepparttar 108394 parking lot, he saw police car with their lights and sirens going and then her car, then two more police cars one in front one torepparttar 108395 right side of her and one inrepparttar 108396 back. They were turning intorepparttar 108397 parking lotrepparttar 108398 police officer pulled on one side of her carrepparttar 108399 others followed uprepparttar 108400 rear. Police, plus Anthony were all running towardsrepparttar 108401 car........ Questions you need to ask yourself: Did Alex have her baby? Did it survive? Did Alex surviverepparttar 108402 lost of blood... The book is well worthrepparttar 108403 read. It hasrepparttar 108404 actual depositions of each party involved.  It is heart breaking, it will make you anger at what lengths big business go to save a buck? What games didrepparttar 108405 insurance company play withrepparttar 108406 Marshall's?

Born in Oregon year 1950. Reside in Florida with husband and family. Worked twenty three years in telecommunication, injured and now write for a living, on worker comp and children's books. Also display other authors books via my site. Enjoy cooking, children,movies,music, reading and long walks on the beach.

Top Ten Quiz: Is Book Coaching For You?

Written by Judy Cullins

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__2. I want to short cut my problems and blocks by creating a savvy coach partnership.

__3. I am willing to let go of my self-limited beliefs aboutrepparttar book.

__4. I am willing to take action and finish--to add at least one high level activity (HLA) per day toward finishing this project. (10 hours a week)

__5. I will show up to my committed coaching times viarepparttar 108381 phone and email.

__6. I will finish and emailrepparttar 108382 "field work" assigned by my coach before our next session.

__7. I am willing to learn more aboutrepparttar 108383 business side of books.

__8. I will listen to feedback and improverepparttar 108384 book to sell well.

__9. I will have fun withrepparttar 108385 project and know it's easier than I thought.

__10. I know I'll benefit from someone helping me stay on track.

Check out Your Score:

--Under 30--

Book Coaching is not for you right now.

--31 to 60--

Remember that book building takes time although through mini steps, you do finish. You may want to look at what you need to let go of to make your book dream a reality. You can only work so many hours a week. However, if you decide to work with a book coach now, you should decide and commit that you will dorepparttar 108386 high level activities necessary to finish and reaprepparttar 108387 benefits.

--Over 60--

Congratulations! You are ready for a Book Coach! You are willing to put your book dream nearrepparttar 108388 top of your priorities and do whatever it takes to finish it.

Remember any journey is easier with a partner--and much faster torepparttar 108389 finish line, too.

Judy Cullins: 20-year author, speaker, book coach Helps entrepreneurs manifest their book and web dreams eBk: "Drastically Increase your Web Traffic and Sales" 7000 Melody Lane, La Mesa, CA 91942 To receive FREE "The Book Coach Says..." or Business Tip of the Month go to Orders: 866/200-9743 -- Ph:619/466-0622

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