Death Becomes Her

Written by Tamara Jong

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importance priorities (!) on emails that aren’t urgent, misspell, lackrepparttar proper grammar or punctuation (spell check isn’t foolproof) and capitalize letters which are equivalent to SHOUTING! We know of “Road Rage”, but there’s alsorepparttar 118211 wrath ofrepparttar 118212 email that’s slowly terrorizingrepparttar 118213 countryside. No one has been killed so far on account of an email, but remember this caution and advice if you email colleagues and clients. Don’t take for granted picking uprepparttar 118214 phone or speaking face to face to clarify issues and make deals. ‘Cause maybe you’ll hearrepparttar 118215 same thing being said about you, “So-and-so is no longer with us.” Maybe we won’t think it’s terribly funny when our ex-company is sayingrepparttar 118216 same thing about us.

Respectfully In Memoriam of John Ritter-1948-2003

Tamara Jong is the Marketing Professional for, a leading Canadian owned and operated on-line recruitment site.

Blair Bear - The Ultimate Teddy Bear.

Written by Malcolm James Pugh

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This new brown bear,repparttar Gordon, is under testing with a view to full production inrepparttar 118210 near future. However there are teething troubles with his maths, and his propensity for taking money off smaller bears and then throwing it away, or just simply losing it and having to borrow it off bigger bears.

He also has a bit of a temper if he doesnt get his own way, and stamps on other friendly teddies. Nevertheless he looks like no teddy we have seen before doesnt he children.

So all is not lost, a contingency plan is in place, and in any event Luigi employs old clapped out bears for devious missions long after their original cover is blown.

They are especially useful if they have dubious associates.

But is there then even a FOURTH way. Rumour has it that Blair Bears female partner, DamsonBear would have you think so, and is trying to invent one in time for next Spring, in case GordonBear is not quite ready in time, or squashes too many little bears before then.

Remember, this is all fantasy land, andrepparttar 118211 bears here are all our friends.

Both ArcticBear and BlairBear are sponsored by Northern Glacier Union Co.

Blair Bear has been seen by people

Have you seen Blairbear. What was he up to today and where did you see him. Was he grinning. If you saw him, please email with his location, as there are fears for his health or that he may run away soon.


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deranged ex systems programmer also unhinged by an engineering background. over 40 so very old.

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