Dear Guy

Written by Erik Sheppard

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Go Ahead - Make Dad's Day

Written by Rev. James L. Snyder

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Mother's Day is rather simple. Every mother knows that she will get certain things; flowers, a Mother's Day card and dinner at her favorite restaurant.

Byrepparttar time Father's Day comes around everybody is so exhausted from Mother's Day, not to mention most fathers are broke, nobody knows exactly how to make dad's day special or, more importantly, who will finance it.

Too many people are uptight about Father's Day and feel like they are running "the gauntlet." When I say people, I am referring primarily to Yours Truly. Nobody seems to know what to do about good ole dad on his special day.

Fortunately, I have some ideas along this line.

With some ofrepparttar 143587 presents I have received overrepparttar 143588 years I'm beginning to think my children imagine me as a "space cowboy," or maybe a "high plains drifter" driving around in a "pink Cadillac" heading for "the bridges of Madison County." Nothing could be further fromrepparttar 143589 truth, except Howard Dean's portrayal ofrepparttar 143590 Republican Party. What he needs on Father's Day is a "sudden impact" of truth.

When it comes to being a father, I assure you I'm not "the rookie" walking on a "tightrope," directly "inrepparttar 143591 line of fire" running toward "heartbreak ridge." I have quite a bit of experience being a father, going back more than 30 years.

As a father, I have three children notched on my belt. At times, I have felt like "the enforcer" andrepparttar 143592 only way to deal with those children was to use "magnum force" and "hang ‘em high."

I must confess at times I felt like a "pale rider" sweating it out inrepparttar 143593 "city heat," realizing no matter how hard I try it is not "a perfect world" we live in. What would make my day, and other fathers' day, would be a present I could really use, or at least understand without spending an entire day readingrepparttar 143594 directions.

In spite of all this, I have discovered one thing; being a father is its own reward. The Bible puts fatherhood high onrepparttar 143595 list of important positions in life.

David,repparttar 143596 Psalmist, put his feelings about being a father into familiar words to all who have readrepparttar 143597 Bible. "Lo, children are an heritage ofrepparttar 143598 Lord: andrepparttar 143599 fruit ofrepparttar 143600 womb is his reward. As arrows are inrepparttar 143601 hand of a mighty man; so are children ofrepparttar 143602 youth. Happy isrepparttar 143603 man that hath his quiver full of them: they shall not be ashamed, but they shall speak withrepparttar 143604 enemies inrepparttar 143605 gate." (Psalm 127:3-5 KJV.)

This year, my advice is, whatever it costs, go ahead and make dad's day. He deserves it.

Snyder is an award winning author and popular columnist living in Ocala, Fl with hisd wife Martha.

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