Dear Bill Gates, You Clever Fox

Written by David Leonhardt

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And you let me decide whether to weigh heavily exact matches, if I know exactly what I am looking for, or approximate matches if I know only thatrepparttar itchy splotches come from some rare Polar virus transmitted by stampeding trans-Atlantic penguins.

I even get to choose to boost rankings for popular sites or, if I'm feeling like a rebel, for less popular sites. Yes, you have even appealed to my deepest psychological mood swings. This is really cool.

But what really counts is this: I control MSN!

I can just imaginerepparttar 128265 TV ads you have already planned: The ad character (a student, a construction worker, a nurse?) says, "Move over Bill Gates, I'm in charge now." The voiceover says, "Search MSN" PageRank will taste like yesterday's chewing gum.

I decided to find out if I really do control MSN, using one of my client sites. I chose Dotcom-Monitor Web Site Monitoring ( ) andrepparttar 128266 search term "website monitoring". As I write,repparttar 128267 site sits at #3 for that search term.

I turbo chargedrepparttar 128268 popularity lever to 100%. Whoa. Dotcom-Monitor lost a spot. What does that mean? Somebody who does not rank as highly as my client got a boost by weighing link popularity higher (and, by extension, on-page content lower).

This tells me that my client's on-page content is in good shape. It also tells me which competitor hasrepparttar 128269 best backlinks to check out.

PageRank was an effective gimmick for wrapping webmasters and SEO consultants around Google's fingers. But this results ranking thingy could wrap bothrepparttar 128270 public and webmasters around MSN's fingers.

Just one word of advice, Bill. Results Ranking? Is thatrepparttar 128271 catchiest moniker you could give it?

Bill, you are to be congratulated for devising such a clever marketing tool, and for purposefully leaving it right out inrepparttar 128272 open like a live grenade without even a hint that it is there. That is what you did, isn't it? You did do it on purpose, didn't you?

If not, please let me know, so I can send you my invoice for your next great marketing idea.

David Leonhardt is an SEO consultant and a website marketing consultant: Pick up a copy of his SEO e-book:

Score BIG with the search engines - Maximising your site's potential

Written by Steve Ashton

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Unique titles for all your pages

Search engines pay a lot of attention torepparttar content in a page's title and this should describe exactly whatrepparttar 128264 page is about. As mentioned above, try and include your keywords inrepparttar 128265 page title and then giverepparttar 128266 page a heading title that matches or is very similar torepparttar 128267 page title and include it in a H1 /H1. If you don't likerepparttar 128268 appearance ofrepparttar 128269 text within a H1 you can formatrepparttar 128270 text style within your css document.

External Links

Allrepparttar 128271 major search engines place a high premium on this and therefore so should you! Actively seek good links from websites inrepparttar 128272 same interest area as your site. The more importantrepparttar 128273 siterepparttar 128274 better as search engines will place a higher value for a link from an "authority" site than from for a link from a less popular site. Make sure that in your link text you include your keywords rather than justrepparttar 128275 name of your site. For example, if your site is about sauce pans, put "Buy Sauce Pans" instead of".

Create search engine friendly url's

This can have a huge effect onrepparttar 128276 number of pages of your site that will be indexed. A lot of search engines steer away from indexing pages that have a lot of parameters. We've all seen them. and such things. Some search engines will stop when they see a ? and therefore it won't be able to see allrepparttar 128277 content inrepparttar 128278 site.

One way around this problem is through a method called mod_rewrite. I am not going to cover mod_rewrite in this article as it is too large a topic to cover withinrepparttar 128279 scope of this article but a lot of articles can be found that teach you how do this. To summarise, it is a server side tool that convertsrepparttar 128280 above url to something like This page can now be indexed along with every other article inrepparttar 128281 site. I would highly recommend looking into this as in my experience it has given merepparttar 128282 best return.


If you follow these steps you'll quickly start to see your website popularity grow. Sometimes you have to go through trial and error, especially when choosing keywords butrepparttar 128283 effort you put in will be returned asrepparttar 128284 search engines start to pick up on your improvements and start directing more traffic to you. We'll be covering a lot of these topics in much greater detail inrepparttar 128285 coming articles so be sure to check back for more valuable advice.

Steve Ashton is programmer and web developer. He runs 2 popular websites Web Development Articles and Programming Tutorials

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