Dealing with Digital Disease

Written by Sean Felker

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So be careful with what you download. Read product reviews and find out if other people got headaches from using it

Visiting ad-heavy sites If you visit a site and youíre immediately bombarded with pop-up ads, leave immediately. You might click on an ad that activates an automatic download of malicious software to your computer. Here is a list of activities which you should be doing instead

Invest in good antivirus software. Going online withoutrepparttar protection of antivirus software is like going out naked inrepparttar 147775 snow. Thatís just how vulnerable an unprotected computer is.

Most antivirus software packages include an internet security program (also known as firewall). A firewall acts as a barricade between you and unwanted content fromrepparttar 147776 internet.

When buying antivirus software, itís better to shell out forrepparttar 147777 internet security as well

Once antivirus software is installed in your computer, keep it updated always so it can recognize and remove newly released viruses

Whatever browser you are using, check that its security settings are all in default unless you really know what you are doing.

Periodically delete files that you no longer use

Download spyware- and adware-removal tools and run them at least once a week. Be warned that many of these removal programs are a scam, so make sure that what you download is reliable. You can easily search for product reviews to check ifrepparttar 147778 program is legitimate or otherwise

Back up all your important files allrepparttar 147779 time

If possible, have two computers at home. One will be used to connect torepparttar 147780 internet, andrepparttar 147781 other should not be connected at all. The second computer will act as storage of all your important files so that even ifrepparttar 147782 first one crashes, your life wonít be in ruins.

Donít be dependent on removal tools and antivirus software packages, though. A bit of prevention is always worth a megabyte of cure.

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9 Basic Features You Should Consider Before Buying Your Next Laptop

Written by Ed Cordova

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6. RAM, or Random Access Memory: This isrepparttar Short Term Memory of you computer. How much does a laptop need? The simple answer is about 32 megabytes, or MB, of RAM, but 64 is highly recommended. This is due torepparttar 147745 fact that laptops are difficult to upgrade. Because of this, you might as well get more then youíll currently need, and look ahead.

7. The "brain" otherwise known asrepparttar 147746 CPU: The Central Processing Unit contains allrepparttar 147747 programs run on a computer. At least 233 MHz in processing speed for a laptop is suggested. There are many types of CPU's but just make surerepparttar 147748 laptop you choose has one.

8. Modems: The modem allows you to accessrepparttar 147749 Internet. This is important ifrepparttar 147750 laptop will be used to surfrepparttar 147751 Web, and send email. There are two primary types of modems used with laptops. Thereísrepparttar 147752 Internal modem, andrepparttar 147753 PC card-based modem. Internal modems are easier to hook up, and theyíre becoming more and more common. PC card-based modems stick out of a computer. Their advantage is that they can be replaced if upgrades to a faster one are needed.

9. Ports: Ports are whererepparttar 147754 peripherals are applied, such as microphones, cameras, and extra memory. What type of ports do most laptops have? Currently, all laptops feature a serial, a parallel, an infrared, and a universal serial bus (USB) port. The reason why thereíre so many different types of ports is becauserepparttar 147755 peripheral equipment corresponds with different types of ports.

That's it. Those arerepparttar 147756 9 basics that you should consider when purchasing your next laptop. Utilizingrepparttar 147757 above information, youíll be able to makerepparttar 147758 most informed decisions when acquiring a laptop with suitable features that meet all your needs.

Ed Cordova is a computer enthusiast whose passion for computers, be they desktops, or laptops, has lead him to create About Computers.

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