Dazzle Your Visitors With Linkless Banners

Written by Polly Hummingbird

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Step 2 The first step is to choose a sample ad. Since you will be doing a linkless banner, then you need to choose a sample that has an insignificant "click here". The following are a few good choices: 10, 11, 13, 17, 20, 28, 33, 36, 37, 51, 55, 70.

Step 3 After you have made your selection you are ready to createrepparttar banner. There are usually 3 lines of text. The first line isrepparttar 125111 main heading, which should be done in a larger font. The other two lines are great for explanations or details. Once you experiment you'll get good at it.

Step 4 When you haverepparttar 125112 banner donerepparttar 125113 way you like, click "Save This Ad". Then click "Email This Ad". Each time you design a new adrepparttar 125114 file you receive by email will have a different number.

Step 5 Once you have receivedrepparttar 125115 banner by email you can upload it to your website. You will upload it inrepparttar 125116 same way you would a photograph or other image. Most web programs give specific instructions on how to "upload an image". Be sure to positionrepparttar 125117 banner inrepparttar 125118 appropriate place on your webpage. Do NOT add a link torepparttar 125119 image.

I created a special webpage of "Samples Of Linkless Banners" to demonstraterepparttar 125120 many ways that promotional banners can be used. None of these examples represent any actual product. With a little imagination there are endless possibilities for creating a promotional banner. http://www.humming.gq.nu/solb.html

Enjoy dazzling your visitors with linkless banners!

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An Introduction to (Smart) Autoresponders

Written by Micah D. Cranman

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Andrepparttar best part is that it's completely automated!

In other words, you don't have to do a thing besides setrepparttar 125110 autoresponders up. Once you've created them, they're on autopilot automatically answering queries and sending out your sales letter again and again, working like a tireless money-making robot, making sure you never lose a single sale. An autoresponder system really can boost your follow-up efforts.

So, what can you do with your autoresponder system that will increase profits?

Well,repparttar 125111 list is really endless, but here are just a few ideas:

Send follow-up sales messages. Make sure you squeeze out every last sale from your prospects.

Send more information about your product. Increase your sales by giving your customersrepparttar 125112 information they need to decide to buy!

Send a free report. Give your customers some free information; they'll see you as an expert and asrepparttar 125113 best in your field and will be much more likely to buy.

Mine your mailing list for gold. Keep in touch with previous customers or potential customers and offer them specials from time to time.

And so many more! The potential is unlimited. An autoresponder system will increase your efficiency and effectiveness. But more importantly, it will dramatically increase your sales.

(Byrepparttar 125114 way, if after reading this article you're looking for a really great autoresponder system, be sure to check out AutoResponse Plus at www.sybren.net/arp, which is what I use; it's really great.)

Need a killer website for your business? Need someone to market it? Micah Cranman designs and markets attractive, compelling, and results-driven websites for small businesses and organizations. For more information on how he can help you develop a powerful web presence, visit his site at www.sybren.net.

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