Daylily: A Perennial Favorite

Written by Sherri Allen

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To divide a daylily clump, cut intorepparttar soil aroundrepparttar 148683 plant with a spade and then liftrepparttar 148684 entire clump out ofrepparttar 148685 soil with a garden fork. To separaterepparttar 148686 plant into individual fans (a grouping of leaves with roots attached), shake it to remove as much soil as possible. If necessary, use a hose to wash away excess soil, then workrepparttar 148687 roots apart into good-sized clumps of 3 - 4 fans each. You should replantrepparttar 148688 new divisions as soon as possible, however, they should be able to survive for several days if protected fromrepparttar 148689 heat and sun.

Pest and Disease Prevention: Daylilies are usually free from pests and diseases. Aphids and thrips sometimes feed onrepparttar 148690 flower buds. These pests can be easily controlled with insecticidal soaps, dishwashing liquid mixed with water in a spray bottle or simply a strong spray of water.

Landscape Uses: Daylilies are most effective when planted in sweeping drifts or masses. They are attractive inrepparttar 148691 perennial flower border when 3 plants or more ofrepparttar 148692 same variety are planted together. They can add great amounts of color to a landscape naturalization project.

Daylilies are also perfect for tough gardening situations. They are salt tolerant, so they do well nearrepparttar 148693 coast. When planted on slopes and steep hills, they form a dense mat that helps prevent erosion. Daylilies are even useful in areas prone to brush fires, as their roots are engorged with water and, when planted in mass, can stop a brush fire in its tracks.

Culinary Uses: While most flower gardeners are familiar with daylilies, few know that practically every part ofrepparttar 148694 daylily is edible. Daylilies are actually higher in protein and Vitamin C than most ofrepparttar 148695 vegetables we eat. Some common ways of eating daylilies include adding fresh buds and blossoms to salads, as well as battering and frying them like squash blossoms. Dried daylily petals, called "golden needles" byrepparttar 148696 Chinese, are an ingredient in many Chinese recipes, including hot-and-sour soup.

Daylilies are adaptable, vigorous perennials that thrive inrepparttar 148697 garden, even when neglected. They are easy to establish and multiply quickly. They are virtually pest- and disease-free. They even taste good. Go out and find a sunny spot in your garden to add a new daylily. You will quickly discover why daylilies are one ofrepparttar 148698 flower gardener's favorite plants.

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The Importance Of Garden Decor

Written by Denny Soinski

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Let Your Personality Shine Through

Garden decor helps calmrepparttar spirit, sootherepparttar 148482 soul, and delightrepparttar 148483 senses. By letting your individuality shine through as you select your decorative accents, you will transform your garden into one ofrepparttar 148484 most meaningful experiences in your life. The challenge is to capture moments of wonder, joy, and inspiration and experiencerepparttar 148485 lasting pleasures of beauty andrepparttar 148486 splendors of nature by decorating your garden in a way that is congruent with your noblest thoughts, feelings, and aspirations.

Your Garden Sanctuary

Strive to decorate your garden with ornaments that magically call you to return to your garden sanctuary. Look at different garden products and decide on decorations that motivate you to tap into your playfulness or into your artistic bent as you contemplate how you will decorate your garden. In a word, you can add richness, depth, and a sense of discovery to your garden with different garden ornaments.


In conclusion, garden decor is significant because it is an invitation for people to open themselves torepparttar 148487 magic, torepparttar 148488 wonder, torepparttar 148489 meaning, and torepparttar 148490 pleasure that gardens and garden related accessories can bring to their lives.

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