Dating Tips for Men

Written by Maurice Tate

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Just go on a good Internet dating site and you can date as many women as you want. Place a good photo of you smiling and make a funny, cocky profile.

Most mens profile are very boring so do something in your face and different. I like to say on my profile that women with emotional problems, sexual hangups please do not contact me. This givesrepparttar impression that I am not needy and selective. Women love this.

There is an abundance of women looking for men. Dating a few women at once gives you a good state of mind that if one women is not what you want you can easily move on. The more I can be indifferent to womenrepparttar 139232 more they get attracted.

If you have a problem about approaching attractive women just set a task of walking up to then again and again till you could not care less how they will respond. Once you get to this level they will start to respond. Funny hey.

Yes it is scary at first to do this but why give you power to women! Why be scared of attractive women forrepparttar 139233 rest of your life.

Is it not time to grow up and be a man! For more informatin visit my site at

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Very Simple, Easy Ideas For Your Date

Written by Laura Hickey

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Options beforerepparttar dinner-

A massage- Massaging your dates back, neck and arms.

Bubble bath- A bubble bath with a glass of wine can be quiet romantic. Remember to clip your toe nails so you donít accidentally scratch your date.

Scrapbook- This idea may not seem all that romantic. But having a scrapbook of you two together with your first date, photos and other memories can be a cherishing gift.

A treasure hunt- Leave little notes that lead your date to a candle lit dinner underrepparttar 139166 moon and stars.

Perhaps send a romantic invitation to avoid your date showing up under dressed. Being relaxed will help your date relax as well. You don't need to spend hundred's to achieve a romantic evening. Showing your date you've tried can sometimes be enough. Good luck!

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