Dating Tip -This year… Be thankful for being single…

Written by Andrew Clacy

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•Write a note of thanks to someone. •Be thankful forrepparttar “little” things in life. •Drop all criticisms & be thankful to yourself. •Be thankful you have an opportunity to start a relationship with someone new. •Be thankful you are not in a negative relationship. It is much better to be single than in an unhappy relationship. •Think about allrepparttar 140475 good you have learnt about yourself since you have been single. In short, be thankful in all that you are doing. Just rememberrepparttar 140476 greatest risk in life is not to take any risk at all!! .

e-mail me offers dating tips for men to find single women. Andrew Clacy is a freelance writer. A single Dad with 2 boys, he believes in getting out. He has studied extensively on romance & human emotions, and he is constantly researching relationships and romance. Exploring ways to add romance to electronic communication is also another pursuit he enjoys.

Get Speaking

Written by Robert F. Abbott

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Personally, my big challenge was eye contact. With a background in radio, I had lots of experience with speaking to others, speaking to literally thousands of people at a time. But, put me in a room with a dozen people looking back and I felt that gut-wrenching chill that novice speakers know so well. After a few speeches, though, I was over it. I had enough knowledge ofrepparttar mechanics of speaking to get over my fear.

That takes us torepparttar 140352 matter of practice. The only way you’ll learn to use your newfound knowledge is through practice - standing in front of an audience and using what you’ve learned.

The elements only become natural and automatic through practice. And here’s a bonus: you also become increasingly familiar with what happens inrepparttar 140353 audience as you speak. That allows you to adjust your content or presentation onrepparttar 140354 fly, to getrepparttar 140355 results you want.

For me,repparttar 140356 path to enjoyable public speaking - and I now love it - came through Toastmasters. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a non-profit organization, made up of local clubs, where aspiring speakers learn from each other. I strongly recommend it. And, hey! If you go on to do a comedy act in front of a crowd one day, maybe I’ll be cheering for you.

In summary, don’t think of public speaking as one big leap; think instead of learning a series of elements one by one, and increasing your proficiency with them through practice.

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